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Hi friends! How have you been? The past couple of weeks you can really smell that scent of early spring in the air. All that's missing now is som greenery and fresh new leaves on the trees so we can officially call it. I'm still living in my winter wardrobe, though I'm slowly starting to think about the spring one. I have a feeling it's going to be among the lines of urban cool. I'm kind of into sneakers at the moment! Maybe this is the season where I start to see the point of including 9 pairs of shoes in a capsule wardrobe? 😉

I'm really liking the outfit and it's basically because of this skirt. I kind of got it on a whim in the sales, inspired by this amazing outfit of Carrie's from wishwishwish. I was looking for a fun piece and I couldn't be happier with it. It´s in the Extras wardrobe because I don't wear it often...but when I's perfect. At first I was struggling to find a top that would go with it but in the end I found a few that work. Most of my basic tops and even my rose gold sweater do. Maybe next time I try it with a breton shirt? Is that too much? Haha.

I'm hoping to shoot some more outfits next week for you, fingers crossed, as lately it's been hard to manage the light and a photographer. (Hashtag: blogger problems, right?) I have at least 15 outfits that I wore in the past months and that were worth documenting. Wish me luck! And also in the upcoming weeks I'm hoping to share a few insights on planning for my spring wardrobe and update you on how I'm doing. If you'd like to hear about something in particular, I'm open to suggestions!

Wishing you a lovely week full of fresh spring air.

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