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  1. Hi Kat, I will be travelling around Europe for 3 months as of June next year, and would like to travel light. However I'll be moving from Rome, in June to Ireland in August and everywhere in between. I can't wear black, it makes me look old and tired. I would like to build a capsule from denim, olive, chocolate and cream, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

    1. Hi Maz!

      How exciting to travel for full three months! I've never travelled for as long myself, but packing takes some serious thought. You'll probably have temperatures ranging from 15° to 35°C. First thing I'd do would be to look at the itinerary and work out what type of climate I'll spend most of my time in. If say 75% of my travel time is to be spent in 30 degree heat, I'd use that ratio to pack mostly summery pieces while still packing layers for the other 25% of my time. If it's fairly even and you plan to go to countries like Spain, France, Italy but also e. g. Denmark and Sweden and of course Ireland, then the best thing always is to try and take as many pieces as you can that can be dressed for warmth as well as for cold. A versatile dress that you wear with sandals in Rome and with tights and a denim jacket + silk scarf in Ireland (obviously depending on what kind of travelling you plan on doing - city sight-seeing or hiking, etc.)

      Your colour palette sounds really great, I completely understand why you don't want to focus on black - I get bored of all black outfits all too quickly. If the 4 colours you mentioned are the colours you normally wear then you might already have most things you'll need in your wardrobe (I wouldn't recommend building a capsule with new-to-you colours, too much of a risk).

      One big thing that may be a no brainer is to take shoes that will go with everything. Nobody wears statement shoes while travelling. I personally wouldn't take more than 3 pairs of shoes - sneakers, sandals, and third would be whatever you may need i.e. hiking boots, flip flops or even another pair of sandals. The count is harder with other items like tops and bottoms, because that depends on your style (and whether you wear dresses or you prefer pants, etc.).

      It's hard to find the line between taking too much and too little - you can always minimise and reduce, but you don't want to become uncomfortable too. When I travel I always reduce my beauty routine and take only what's necessary. I try to apply that to everything now I travel.

      I'm not sure how helpful I've been, but if there's anything more I could help you with do let me know :)

      xo Kat


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