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It's colour palette time! My favourite. If you're only just starting, here's a big post on colour palettes and how to go about creating one for yourself. 

One thing I wanted to change for my next capsule wardrobe was to include more colour. I found that my autumn wardrobe was a bit too neutral for me and nearing the end of it I'm really missing wearing some more eye-catching shades. Christmas is coming up and I don't want to be dressed all in grey!

 I'm not going to go crazy, but I'm trying to look for colourful versions of some pieces. I like to keep bottoms, coats and shoes neutral for the mix and matching purposes, but the rest is fair game.

That means more colour in the tops and sweaters section. Yay!

I have to admit, whenever I look for tops online it's always the neutral shades that catch my eye first and I have to tell myself not to click on them, because I know that if I give in, I'll regret not buying the colourful version later. Right now all my t-shirts are basically monochrome and it's about time it changed!

So without further ado, this is my colour palette for winter:

What do you think? My theory is that if you take any 3-4 different colours, you have a mini palette for a specific outfit. If you've seen my autumn palette, you might spot that my neutrals are exactly the same! I didn't do this on purpose, it just so happens that these are the colours I love to wear my basics in. I'm being very consistent!

You've also probably noticed there are no complementary colours in this palette. I realised I don't really need them for this capsule wardrobe. Although I know I'm going to use quite a few reds {the purple-red and burnt red} and cognac so perhaps those qualify as complimentary colours, while the soft pink and forest green are accents.

It's hard to explain how I picked these colours, because most of it was just a feeling. I have a big general colour palette that I created in September, and most these colours are picked from there. I only added burnt red {turns out it suits me} and changed the khaki to forest green - a more appropriate shade of green for winter, I thought. I like that it's quite deep but not too loud. 

These were the colours that came to mind when I was thinking about winter. It was these that stuck out the most when I was window shopping online or looking at magazines. But! I have to say, if I haven't done all that colour research and all the steps I wrote about to find my colour palette back in September, it wouldn't have been so easy to come up with this winter one now. It was so nice to have all that information to fall back on. 

I really do recommend making a Pinterest board if you want to gather your thoughts and ideas. It helps so much to save pictures of outfits and things I like about winter, then view them as a whole and see what colours I'm drawn to. My winter board {still in process} can be found here. I find it hard to keep all the colours in my head so I prefer to have a visual.

Have you started thinking about your winter palette? I'd love to know what colours you want to wear in winter!

There will be one more planning post - my winter capsule number and a shopping list, before I show you all what I'll be wearing for the next three months. Some colourful t-shirts are still to be bought! And having said that, if you see a tee you think I might like, let me know! Otherwise I'll have to do all the work myself. :-)

Happy December!


  1. I love the color palette you choose! I haven't thought about my winter capsule too much yet, but I think I'll carry over most of the stuff from fall and add a few warmer items (i.e. sweaters) in. I'd also like a bit more color, maybe some dark green like you have above.

  2. Oh yes, sweaters. I'm definitely putting in at least three times more of those than I did for autumn. I am going to have quite a few new pieces in my winter capsule - this autumn's one has taught me so much about what I really wear. Hopefully no more t-shirts that I'll only wear once or twice.
    I'm excited for more colour - and I think dark green suits pretty much everyone. Actually ordering a top in dark green right now :-) When are you starting your winter capsule?

  3. Loving your colour palette for winter! I'm hoping to add pops of berry to my otherwise neutral wardrobe too. Yup, need more colour! ;) Also, yay, so glad you enjoyed the vlog!! I seriously need to bust out in Czech one of these days!! xo

  4. I really love that berry is the colour of the season, or, at least was for autumn. It's so rich and beautiful :)
    I'll be awaiting your vlog in Czech impatiently ;) xo

  5. Same here, after two months I open my wardrobe and I'm thinking, well, nice clothes and all but I'd really like to wear something that's not grey today. But like you, I feared having colours that would clash. It's really strange - neutral clothes colours appeal to me because I think: that will go with everything! but at the end of the day I look in my wardrobe and miss colour.

  6. I'm thinking I'll start it in January? I'll have some time off work around Christmas, so I'm hoping I'll be able to do some planning then :)

  7. Yay! I look forward to see it! {especially the sweaters ;) }

  8. Just found your blog through "by the shore" and love it! I've been thinking of pulling together a capsule wardrobe myself because I find myself gravitating towards the same pieces anyways, but this way, it takes the stress out of it! I love your color pallet too, it's perfect for wintertime :)

    xx Nina

  9. Hi Nina! So glad you found me!
    I can say that starting a capsule wardrobe was the single best fashion decision I've made this year! I'm having a lot of fun with it and absolutely love the planning part. Do let me know if you try it too, I always like to hear about other people's experience.

  10. I love your color palette! I definitely did the same thing and picked very neutral colors, and I'm beginning to get a little bored with it. I definitely think I was just afraid I'd end up with a bunch of clothing that didn't match, but then it went too far in the other direction!


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