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/ 27 November 2014 / 7 Comments



Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! And to the rest of us, well, happy Thursday I guess!
I have a friend who's currently celebrating Thanksgiving in Minnesota and she says there's snow and everything... I'm so jealous! Somebody send leftovers?

Last weekend I went to the Trafford Centre to get a few bits and pieces for my next capsule wardrobe. I won't tell you what exactly I got because I'm kind of keeping it a secret - until the big winter wardrobe reveal that I will post in December. 

I wanted to wear something nice and comfortable - because Trafford Centre, especially on a weekend, can be overwhelming, to say the least. I didn't actually realise I was wearing a black and white outfit, until I looked through the pictures at home. I'm not usually one to dress in monochrome {the lack of colour makes me think my outfit is sad}, but all the different patterns and textures in this "ensemble" make it into quite a fun and cheerful look.

There's a lace t-shirt for texture, checked shirt for interest, waterfall cardigan for cosiness and the striped scarf is just a cherry on top. So if you happen to be stuck on what to wear, take out your b&w clothes and mix and match them for the perfect pattern-texture combo. Works with every style.

How do you feel about black and white {and grey in the middle} outfits? Do or don't?


  1. Cute outfit. Black and white is a major do, it is a classic look for a reason. I think the outfit would have also been very cute without the lace shirt and with the checked shirt buttoned.
    Question about your gap jeans - have you washed them yet? If so, do they fade, the reviews say they fade horribly. I try to avoid washing my jeans, but I don't want to feel like I can't wash them at all.

  2. Hi Meghan, thank you for your comment! I wore the shirt buttoned up in an outfit a week earlier, so I tried to do something else with it - but you're right, I think I prefer it done up :-)
    About the jeans, I've got two pairs - black and dark dark blue and I know I've washed one of them, but can't remember which one it was. I'm currently working from home so I don't get that many chances to dirty them. Anyway, I've not noticed any fading after the first wash, but now you said I'll keep an eye out! I wash all my clothes on 30° to prolong their life and never tumble dry, if that helps! What colour's your pair? Let me know what happens when you do decide to wash them. :-)

  3. Love your gorgeous layers - such a pretty outfit!! And I'm with ya, so want leftovers and snow! xo

  4. Thank you, Veronika! can barely open Instagram - too many thanksgiving pictures, such a tease!

  5. I haven't bought them yet. I want to buy them in black, but I'm nervous to buy them because of the fading issue. I could just never wash them :)

  6. Hmm, well my black ones are legging jeans in true black and they're definitely not rubbing off on anything - I've looked through the reviews and some of the ladies said that the colour rubbed off on their fingers and legs - well that definitely doesn't happen to me. I think blue jeans are the most likely to loose colour. It might depend on the composition though, the legging jeans are 66% cotton and 31% polyester, while the ones that have bad reviews are 98% cotton. But honestly, I've got both of these jeans and they're great. I wouldn't pay full price for them but with black Friday deals... worth considering :-)

  7. I love all the layers here! This looks perfect for weekend shopping - laidback, but still chic!


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