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/ 24 November 2014 / 7 Comments


Hello friends! Last week I started planning for my winter capsule wardrobe. I want to kick it off mid way through December, which is still a while away, but I love the capsule experience and planning it is the fun part for me. Like super fun. Plus I know a few of you guys might be hitting the stores for Black Friday sales and if you're new to this whole thing perhaps you're starting your winter wardrobe come December. 

I'm using my 5 Step Capsule Wardrobe Guide that I created for the like-minded souls earlier this year.
Check it out if you've never done a capsule wardrobe, it's a good starting point! {If I do say so myself.} 
Check it out even if you have done a capsule wardrobe; you might find it interesting to learn about a different person's approach.

This time around my planning process is a bit different. I'm still using all the steps, but I'm mixing the order a tiny little bit - I'm moving step 2 - Find Your Number, all the way to the end. Back in September when I first started, I was very anxious to find out what my own number would be, so I figured it out right at the beginning of the process. I got 42. This time, though, the number is not as important to me. I know it will be less than 42 ant that's really enough for me now. I'll be figuring out my winter number along with my shopping list. If you need to purge your wardrobe, you can read about my experience and how I did it here. This is what happens after the purge:


First of all, I must say that I love the trends for this winter. Sweater capes, wrap coats, ankle booties, the comeback of turtlenecks, shirtdresses, cozy sweaters and checked and aztec prints. I want to wear them all! So I'm including them in my uniforms this winter. These are simply warmer and updated versions of my autumn uniforms, which you can read about here. {Along with a quick guide on how to find your uniform.}

My main concern is to keep warm and comfortable and this is what I came up with:

{These are all general items that I used for silhouettes and not items I currently own. I made these sets on Polyvore - click through to find out where everything is from. Be warned though, some of the pieces are super expensive, as I didn't pay attention to the price; I created the collages to have a rough visual of my uniforms. Try it yourself, it really helps to see what different pieces look like together!}


BOTTOMS                 SHOES           TOP                COVER UP        ACCESSORIES
skinny jeans               boots              t-shirt              sweater +          scarf
                           or trainers        or shirt             jacket or coat     hat
I think that there are a lot of different outfits I can create with this first "recipe." I call it casual cool ;-) It's a uniform made out of things most of us have in our closets. Skinny jeans, ankle booties, comfy t-shirts and sweaters and a nice coat. So easy to wear and so stylish.


BOTTOMS                 SHOES           TOP                COVER UP        ACCESSORIES
leggings                   boots              turtleneck           big sweater        {hat}
                                              or shirt             or blanket scarf          
I am kind of obsessed with sweater capes, or blanket scarves, or whatever they're generally called. There are so many pretty patterns to choose from. New Look has a really good selection at affordable prices if you don't know where to look.
Also, let's talk turtlenecks. I used to wear them as a kid and now they're making a comeback. Yay! Perfect for
layering and especially perfect for sweater capes. See? It all comes together.
To top it off, a beanie adds a playful touch to this kind of outfit. So chic!


BOTTOMS                 SHOES           TOP                COVER UP        ACCESSORIES
think tights               boots              dress                sweater +          scarf
                                              or skirt + top       coat             {hat}
Two things: 1. Shirtdresses. A feminine take on shirts. So great for winter. Actually the one up there I have my eye on - it's from Gap and it's just the right pattern and just the right length. Not easy to find a shirtdress that doesn't feel like a mini. And I definitely don't want to be wearing a mini dress in winter. Or ever, really. It doesn't do me any favours. But this one is bringing cool back.
2. Steve Madden Troopa boots. I'm in love. That's all I'm saying.

That's it! My three uniforms. From the looks of things, my style this winter will be:  CASUAL, FEMININE, URBAN and COOL. I'm so excited!
{Read this step to define your style.}

Have you started planning for your winter capsule wardrobe? What are your must buys? What are you going to be wearing this winter? 


  1. Can't wait to see what you put together for your winter capsule!

  2. Oh I'm so excited about it! I just can't wait to wear it! :)

  3. These are really great picks! I'd love to get my capsule going sometime before the holidays as well... but we'll see how that goes! I'm also on the hunt for a great basic black turtleneck, so please let me know if you find one you love! :)

  4. I'm actually waiting for my friend to send me some things I ordered for my next capsule from the US, so I have my fingers crossed that it arrives before I leave for Christmas.
    Also, I went to F21 to try on their turtlenecks but of course they're not in stock there so I might try and get them online. I definitely want a cotton one and quite like the idea of paying £7 for it :-) Will let you know how I get on, you let me know if you find a good one :-)

  5. I can totally relate - I'd never have thought I could be happy with 40 or less pieces! Still trying to wrap my head around the "less is more" thing. I kind of want to take it to test and do something like a 2 week holiday with a cabin luggage size case.
    Well done on getting rid of that 60%, it's so refreshing to admit to yourself that you really don't need ALL the clothes :-)
    I haven't worn a turtleneck in yearsss and cannot wait to pair it with a big warm cape! The two things were made for each other! Looking forward to see some cape layering over on your blog! xo

  6. Well done, all three sets!


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