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Spring wardrobe! This took a while to complete, I tell you! I had a little trouble with envisioning my style this spring. My winter wardrobe was great, but all in all a bit too casual with little dressy options, and I wanted to include those in this spring one. It's still far from fancy, of course, but I do have at least a few outfits that are perfect for a dressier occasion. And a bit more colour too!

As it stands now it's 35 pieces - though I'm still looking to add a couple more tops, a skirt and maybe a pair of shoes if I find the right ones. I'll let you guys know if I do add anything more to it.* My budget is almost non existent so I decided not to wait and just post this "incomplete" wardrobe because I've been wearing it for the past week now and really can't wait to share the new outfits with you :) There are a couple pieces that were kind of just back ups but I'm going to try make the most of them and see how I get on.

I have to say that my number one favourite piece in this wardrobe is the leather jacket - well a faux leather jacket to be precise. I've wanted a black one for years and finally I just thought I may as well go for a faux piece if it's made well enough. Waiting to find the perfect affordable real leather jacket has proved to be a pretty hard task. I wear this one every day and I foresee it appearing in a lot of spring outfits. Sorry not sorry. It makes me feel like the most stylish girl in town (and I let it).

There are so many pieces I love in here, but I'll save the talk about favourites for a rainy day.

Now for some more technical but not at all boring info: where the items are from + similar alternatives will be posted in the individual outfit posts, but if you are dying to know (mildly interested will do too) where some specific thing is from, leave a comment and I'll be happy to assist. Also I'd love to hear what you think of this new wardrobe and if you're doing a capsule wardrobe or a minimal closet kind of thing yourself and you posted about it, leave me your link, I'd love to check it out!

I think that's enough talk for now and let's get the party started!

*Update April 12: I've added this shirt from GAP since.

**Update May 11: I've mentioned up there that the wardrobe was incomplete when I posted it back in March. I've since added a few pieces - like I've planned - and actually took some back up pieces out. I decided to re-upload the image to reflect the real wardrobe I've been wearing for the past two months.

A couple of these pieces only made their way into the wardrobe a few weeks after I started using it, which means I was shopping during my no-shopping period, but because of my budgetary situation and haven't-made-up-my-mind situation I eased up on the rules. Nobody's perfect and my imperfection is that I can be indecisive about little things like these (clothes, what flavour ice cream I want, what shade of pink my blog header should be...). So as a result of this trait, I wanted to wear the existing wardrobe for a little while to identify the holes and purchase things that would fill them, instead of planning the whole thing off the top of my head and regretting some of my shopping decisions later.

This new image is my complete wardrobe - 36 items, that's it. I thought I'd put it up to 38 as that's what it was in autumn and winter, but I really don't need more than 36, it turns out. A short list of pieces that weren't in the original wardrobe image: white blouse, striped tee, denim skirt, floral shirt and black skirt.

You can still view the original image here if you'd like to see the changes :)


  1. This looks really good! Love that patterned cardigan and that pink shirt... and the plaid leggings. Looking forward to some spring outfits and inspiration :)

  2. Thanks, Camilla! You actually reminded me about what I forgot to say in the post - a couple of the things pictured aren't the exact ones I have but the closest I could find...and the cardigan is one of them! Now I'm hoping the real one won't disappoint :) It's so "out there" that I really need to think what to wear it with but it cheers me up when I look at it every time. New outfit will be up tomorrow!

  3. Great, colorful capsule! Love the leopard flats! I've been wanting a pair myself! Where did you get yours?

  4. I do actually feel happier with all this colour! I got the leopard flats in New Look, I think a little over a month ago - they're leather and were on final sale for £7 (so lucky) but have since sold out :( There's a big selection out there though, and for whatever budget - I love the pointed styles too. Have you found any contenders? I think perhaps Asos might have a few. Or Nordstrom rack.

  5. What a great deal! I haven't begun my search yet but Asos and Nordstrom Rack are good ideas! I love how leopard flats give an outfit a bit of pizzazz. They seem like a very work-appropriate way to incorporate animal prints into an outfit. :)

  6. Definitely! I used to feel a bit meh over leopard print but in carefully chosen pieces it does give the whole look the desired "oomph" or whatever it's called ;) Hope you find a good pair for yourself!

  7. I sooooo love these colours! I'm so jealous! (my current Spring Capsule looks more than incomplete at the moment! haha) such great choices as well! and I reckon you will get a tonne of wear out of your leather jacket! Jess

  8. Oh, Jess, I know how you feel! I was fighting with an incomplete wardrobe too - only a few days before the "release" I was missing at least 10 things! + I didn't have the budget for 10 new things... And then I just told myself to take it easy and work with what I've got. I'm glad I did, too, because I will actually get some wear out of the things I didn't quite want to get rid of but didn't quite want to wear either :) So in my eyes it's not perfect but all the more challenging. Good luck with completing your spring capsule, I'm sure it'll work out in the end :)

  9. I absolutely love your spring wardrobe! I'm personally trying to start my own so I've been researching others and you're the only one that actually has a lot of color! That gives me hope that not every wardrobe needs to be only neutrals. Quick question, how did you make the picture above? It's very similar to Un-Fancy and I would love to be able to make one for myself. Thanks!

  10. Thank you so much, Joanna!
    This is really the first time I introduced more colour after two (mostly) neutral capsules and I can tell you, I'm sticking to it! It's totally doable and I feel much happier. Colour seems to do that to a person, doesn't it? :)
    I think the key is to spend a little time on your colour palette and make sure the colours you pick mix well together. Which is not even that hard as most colours will work just fine.

    To answer your question, I made the picture in Photoshop! I do all my graphics there and for this one I basically downloaded the pictures of the clothes from the retailers' website, sized them down and organised them into a grid. Then I just typed up the names. If you do have Photoshop and would like some more details let me know, I'm happy to share :)
    Thanks for your comment!


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