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I can't remember the exact point when I decided that clogs, or more precisely clog sandals, would be my it shoe for the summer. Perhaps it was after seeing Lee rock them so often on her blog? Or after seeing a snap or two on instagram from some blogger or other? Clogs have never been in the spotlight for me, till now. In fact I didn't even think about them as an option, which is why I'm glad I "discovered" them at last.

There was no way I could afford Bryr or Hasbeens clogs so I did a bit of research to see what else was out there. I found Lotta from Stockholm pretty quickly, and while they have some great styles, I didn't feel like I've found the dream pair. After some more googling, I've discovered Moheda. Handmade in Sweden, shipping worldwide. Affordable and when you order during a free shipping in Europe promotion, you can get them at a good price (given you are in Europe 😉).


I decided on the low heel style called Klara. All clogs have a platform and the heel is just slightly elevated with this one. (If you like a higher heel, try the Betty style. Many, many colours to choose from!) It took me a few days to decide on the colour but in the end I went with blue. A little colourful but not too out there. A muted statement shoe. This photo is from when I first tried them on.

I'd like to highlight here the placement of the ankle strap. I don't have model long legs so ankle strap shoes often cut me off at a weird place. These clogs have their strap low - so your legs appear longer. I have quite slender ankles so I don't mind showing them off!


I received my clogs a week after ordering on standard shipping. The leather on the left shoe, I noticed, was fraying in places, but nothing scissors couldn't take care of. I wore them out that day to a café and as I was sitting down with one leg over the other, I noticed that actually one of the metal clips that holds the leather and the wood together was placed too low and thus the leather was ripping in that place. The leather on the left shoe just seemed different (and worse) quality than the leather on the right. I snapped a few photos and emailed Moheda.

They got back to to say they'd be sending another pair my way. The customer service rep was real nice and I reckon because the return shipping for the defective clogs would be too much, I get to keep that pair too. I'll wear it till the leather rips and replace with the other pair then.


I was worried about the issue of comfort so much so that I asked a few friends over instagram about it. The sole is wooden of course, so it's harder than your usual shoe and you have to keep in mind that walking feels a little different because the middle part doesn't bend. But you get used to it pretty fast and they do feel pretty comfortable, after the initial shock of the unpadded footbed.

That's me sporting the clogs and my new colourful jumpsuit! If you've read last weeks post you'll know I'm bad at summer this is probably my best outfit this summer (yet).


I love my clog sandals. That says it all, doesn't it? There is this style I really love but isn't available in my size, that would make a great shoe for smart casual outings or even more casual weddings. I love that colour!

The one thing I'd change about my sandals are the clips that hold the leather on the wood. As one amazon reviewer said, they are a bit crude. I would prefer the circular studs instead. But all in all this is a great, comfortable shoe. Beautiful colour and weave and I find myself pairing them with all sorts of things, so it does get a stamp of approval from me.

Are you a clogs fan?

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