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Why, hello! I seem to have begun me a tradition last summer with my first 10 x 10 challenge. The idea comes from Lee and it's very straightforward: I'll be building 10 outfits out of 10 pieces. It's a great exercise to test your styling skills / get excited about a small wardrobe / try out a non-comital capsule wardrobe as an experiment. It's pretty fun. And if you travel and tend to overpack, it teaches you how you don't have to. Speaking from experience here.

Let's talk rules real quick. Mine are loosened up - I have 10 items that are clothing and I don't count shoes into that, though they are part or the graphic below. So yes, I have 13 items, and you can call that cheating or you can get on board 😉. I could make it into 13 outfits, but I'm too lazy and a one-woman-show right now. Let's have a look at the 13 10!

The colour palette is pretty standard for me: blues, greys and reds. I've found my jam, and now my goal is to brighten up my wardrobe with more colours and feel confident in them. (I've started with a bright yellow dress. It's amazing.)

One big change to last year's edition is that I'll be posting the outfits on my instagram, do give it a follow, instead of the blog. I flatlay-ed them and all. I will however post a recap with all the outfits here on katberries at the end of the challenge :).

What do you think - would you do a 10 x 10? Or have you? How did you find it?
I've already discovered some new combinations.
Have a lovely day! xo,

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