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/ 20 June 2015 / 5 Comments


Today I'm introducing my ten picks for a little 10 x 10 summer challenge! I've chosen not to include shoes in the count, just because I want this to be fun for me too and excluding footwear means I'll be able to build ten outfits that hopefully won't look too similar.

Right, so let's have a few quick words about what I've got here:

Red striped top (h&m): This is my one recent addition - it's made of thick cotton and I really love how French it looks. Just stick a baguette in my hand. A big majority of my tops is black, cream or blue so I'm glad I've got a red note in there too. Plus I've worn it at least three times since last weekend and can't wait to pair it with some of the bottoms I've got here.

White lace tee (h&m): A lovely top for the summer, short-sleeved but because the of the lace it's breezy enough even for warmer days (not that we're getting any of those, erhm). It's quite simple but that means it works with pretty much anything.

Blue shirt (h&m): This shirt has been in every single capsule I've built yet. It's not a most often worn item but it's cotton and works great for light layering.

Cut off jean shorts (DIY from TU boyfriend jeans): Here we go! Not-so-short denim cut-offs! I've mentioned I was looking for some non butt showing shorts and then found I a pair of 0.99p boyfriend jeans in a local charity shop to DIY. I was a bit scared at first but actually, the project went well and I've got me some nice shorts that are gonna get loads of wear.

Jean jacket (h&m): I swear not everything I own is from h&m :) Anyways, a jean jacket can really elevate a simple outfit and is a great summer layer.

Denim button down skirt (TU by Sainsbury's, with alterations): I've talked about this skirt before - I really love the trend of these skirts but the high-street ones were either too expensive, too short, or a combination of the two. I spotted a midi length one in Sainsbury's at the end of winter that I wore through spring and I'd just had it altered to my desired length. It's so comfortable, I can't wait to wear it!

Long cardigan (Mango): This was one of my spring wardrobe heroes and I'm putting it in the ten for exactly those reasons. Versatile, stylish, great layer for colder days, which, by the way, we're getting plenty of at the moment.

Striped dress (unbranded): I got this one in Venice last year and it's a wonderful beach layer. I love its cut. I wanted to have a dress in the ten and one can never go wrong with stripes, right?

Red midi skirt (F21): I'm excited about this skirt, it was a last summer's purchase and it has a slightly peasant-like vibe. It's lightweight and flowy and just really red, I love that! Red's not a colour I wear often and in large places but this skirt, it embodies summer for me.

Playsuit (Yumi): A broken sale find from a few years ago that I fixed and a slightly surprising addition to my ten. I don't think I'd reach for this print if I were shopping today, but the fit is great and it will be nice to style something that is just that little bit out of my comfort zone. Plus I love playsuits (and this is my only one).

That's them, guys! My main reason for choosing those pieces is good fit, versatility and a little bit of colour. I'll start sharing outfits next week!
What are your favourite summer pieces?

UPDATE: View all 10 outfits here!


  1. YES! My first impulse was "striped top and red skirt!" These are killer pieces! Looking forward to your combinations!

  2. I'm so excited to see you do this Kat! Such a great idea. (I visited in the Style Bee too, and adore her style.) The idea of this REALLY appeals to me, I may try it out later this summer! :)

  3. eline scheerlinck3 September 2015 at 17:02

    Great styles! I particularly love the striped top, red skirt and the playsuit. Really looking forward to your outfit posts!
    Streetfaireline (IG)

  4. Thanks, Andrea! I love that I can do this even with an incomplete wardrobe, because it's just ten pieces. And yes, Style Bee's style is to die for - a little too neutral for me but so so beautiful! I love that she did her 10 x 10 to try a capsule wardrobe and now I'm doing it the other way around - after I've done the capsule wardrobe :) I do hope you give it a go later on - it's be fun to see how we both get on!
    xo Kat

  5. Thank you, Eline! It's such a surprise to me that I love the striped top as much as I do. I picked it up practically by accident while I was in a queue for the fitting rooms and ended up leaving with nothing but that top. And I'm definitely pairing it with the red skirt in one of the ten outfits :) It will be hard to try and actually wear my other clothes after that ;)
    xo Kat


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