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I've mentioned it earlier this week on instagram and it has been a thing of the past few years too: I dislike my summer style. Yes, part of the reason is that my summer wardrobe is all mis-matched but another big part is the heat.

Some people thrive on it, I, on the other hand, despise it. Above 27°C (80°F) means discomfort for me, 35°C (95°F) is pure hell. The only time I do thrive in these temperatures is on holiday. With the sea breeze in tow. 😉

Like I said in the insta post, I don't do stylish well in the summer. I don't feel particularly great in anything, I feel uninspired and I dread going outside. #realtalk guys.


I love layering on an outfit, the tights, skirt and top, the light jacket with a brooch and a scarf around the neck. The hair down. A no can do in the summer. Having your hair down is like having a woollen sweater around your neck. Amazing in the winter, though.

I'll stop complaining now, and explain why I'm talking about this in the first place. Uninspired wardrobe means uninspired outfits means bad outfit posts. I hope you'll enjoy some opinion pieces/short essays instead, for the time being. Like this one from last week.

I'm planning to talk about the one capsule wardrobe "rule" I don't think works, and also one that really does. For me, not for others. Stay tuned.

It's not all bleak though and there is one thing I am excited about this summer - a 10 x 10 challenge. 10 pieces, 10 outfits. I've already planned it all and it will kick off later this month. I've done it differently to last year - it will be an instagram series with a final recap on the blog. You can follow me on instagram here and keep an eye out!

I do hope you still enjoy visiting katberries and I honestly appreciate all your love and support.
Until then, tell me about your summer plans and struggles, will you?
I hope, fingers crossed, that I get to go on holiday, I'm craving it bad!


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