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Today, I'm sharing what's in my capsule wardrobe Extras category! To quickly bring you up to speed, this winter I decided to approach the capsule wardrobe a little differently and divided it into two categories. Click here to read part 1 of this post - to see the other half of my wardrobe and get more info on what the heck it is I'm doing.

Look around, my friends, finally some colour! If you've been reading for a while, you may know that one of the problems with my last year's winter wardrobe was not enough colour. Most of it was black, black, black. This time around I have mustard, rose gold, camel, orange, burgundy and patterns and prints. Definitely a step in the right direction! And even if all of the pieces cannot be matched with all of the pieces, the mix and match potential is still pretty amazing. There are a few statement items, like that skirt which is a bit of a wild card. But that's what the Extras are for - to be the source of inspiration and fun. In the previous post I called them the inspiration station. I know...but I couldn't help it.
Overall, I'm quite happy with this wardrobe.
There are a couple things still on my wish list, but really the only thing I want very much is a black button up skirt, like the one I have in blue. It's so versatile, flattering (and trendy!) and in black it would be even more so. There are some in the shops, but they all are 2 inches too short. My blue one had been altered from a midi length, so I could make it any length that suited me. Maybe I'll have some luck thrifting. And I keep feeling like I could use a couple more tops - ones that aren't basic and plain but also not statement. I just can't seem to find them!
So in the mean time I'm going to shop my wardrobe and utilise what I've got. 
I think for now that's plenty. I don't have much more to say other than that I can't wait to build outfits from this wardrobe. I keep saying this every time, but I best write them down before the inspiration evaporates! Let me know what you think about these Extras and if you have any questions, fire away!

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