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Happy New Year! 2014 was a pretty good year but here's to 2015 being even better! I hope you all had a great time last night, we had our own private firework show at midnight and it was pretty spectatular. I won't be doing any looking back on the year just gone in this post, don't worry. Instead, I'll look forward.

And in that spirit, here's my Winter Wardrobe! I've been wearing it for almost two weeks and I love it. Cosy, comfortable and warm. There's a little more colour than in the last one and still a lot of black. I've taken a few outfit pictures already and the first look will go up in a couple of days time.
So without further ado, let me present my

It feels more "me" than the last one for sure. I especially love the shoes.
*A quick note to say that a few of the items pictured aren't the exact items in my closet but are 90% similar to what I have.

If you want to know where different things are from, ask me in the comments, but Iĺl be posting the brands in specific outfit posts. Mostly though, it's C&A, Mango, H&M, New Look, F21, Gap and Madewell, then Gabor for shoes. I'm keen to know what youthink about this selection so let me know!

And let's all have a great year!

Edit: I forgot tosay, there are 36 items pictured, though my capsule wardrobe has 38 pieces. The last two I hadn't decided on when I made this graphic, but I will talk about them when they apear in my outfits. (It's a dress and a sweater.)

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  1. I really like the colors you've picked out!! can't wait to see them in action

  2. Hey there and thank you! My poncho is actually "inherited" from my mum who got it in Paris years ago. The one in the photo is from last year, but this one looks quite similar I think: - just without the orange. I only added the orange bits in Photoshop, as that´s what my real poncho looks like :) (You can see it in action here: Sorry to spam you with links! Hehe.
    xo Kat


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