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It's time for an end of year, end of season summary of what I've learnt from my first capsule wardrobe. I've promised you this post a few days ago but have only now found the time to write this little wrap up about my very first capsule experience. 

I've packed up the autumn wardrobe a couple weeks ago and took some time to reflect on what I really wore throughout the season. Of course, I've been monitoring my most and least worn pieces since the beginning and found that some pieces that I used to wear all.the.time a few years ago, barely got worn once this autumn. And I think I know why. 

I'm also going to talk about all the things this challenge has taught me, from beginning to end. But I promise I'll try to be concise :-) So let's get right to it. These are 6 of the most and 6 of the least worn items this fall:

Fall autumn capsule wardrobe wrap up
Both sweaters made it into the most worn pile, along with a versatile flannel shirt, high-rise jeans and a cute red top. Shoes were the hardest to decide. The two other pairs that have been considered were my black booties and the vans trainers, but the hushpuppies cognac booties are taking the win this time. 

The least and even zero (!) worn items were a black esprit linen jacket, which I loved wearing in the summer but later found just not warm enough for English autumn. The skull tee could really only be worn around Halloween, the simple black jumper that I liked the idea of but dislike the real cut of {I need it to come up to the neck}. 
Then a cognac jacket that I used to love and wear every day - which I guess is why I didn't reach for it this Autumn. I've worn it so often - I've been overexposed to it - and it just grew out of my liking. Something I hadn't realised when I put my Autumn capsule together. It also had to be replaced by a warmer alternative {I'd clearly misjudged the weather}.
Next, a tube skirt that I've been wearing for years but now feels too short and a lovely dark blue dress that I think I don't have the legs for. These will certainly not be carried over to the winter set.


Over the course of the past three months, I've learnt a thing or two about my wardrobe and my personal style: I like to be comfortable but cool, effortless but put together. I've also learnt what not to do.
These here are my 5 things to keep in mind for next capsules - my do's and don'ts.

1. No items I don't love.
This is to be applied over a few groups but mostly: shoes and t-shirts. I'd said in a previous post that I'm going to go for only 5 shoes for winter because in autumn I only really wore 4 pairs. {But then I got the most beautiful knee-high boots for Christmas, so naturally they're going in, making the final count 6}. But this time, I love all 6 pairs and I'm really not worried about only wearing 4 pairs.
With t-shirts, I couldn't find many I liked and so I put some in that I wore in the summer and some that were just okay. Surprise surprise, I didn't get a lot of wear out of them. So for winter: only items I love.

2. More sweaters in cold months.
I've learnt the hard way that you should {read: I should} be aware of how quickly the temperatures drop and stay low and thus appropriate your {read: my} sweater count to the cold. Two chunky sweaters is just not enough.

3. Be more strict with clothes that don't 100% fit your body shape.
Example: the dark blue dress above. So beautiful, but not quite right. I do like dresses but I'd rather have one good one than two that are nice but a little meh.
Also, trousers. No more ill-fitting jeans. I mean, if your but shows when you sit then it's not the right cut for you.

4. Always pick versatile coats or jackets.
Between them, they should always combine some of these features: warmth, be city smart, sporty, cool, pretty, go with every colour, go with a dress, be comfortable. For winter I like to have 3 or 4. I mean, it's cold. I'll wear them a lot.

5. Wear more colour!
Especially on t-shirts and accessories. Otherwise I feel a bit same-y and boring. That's just my personal experience, I still love the neutral aesthetics.

Here's to hoping I don't make the same mistakes in winter!
What have you been wearing most or least of this autumn? I'm asking you non-capsule wardrobers too! 
Have you learnt anything about your wardrobe or style lately?

P.S. I'll be sharing my winter capsule on January 1, to start the year off nice and fresh!

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