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The first winter capsule wardrobe outfit, I'm excited, are you? The first real snowfall of the season holds a special sort of magic in it. The world transforms before your eyes into something soft and clean, into a place new and undiscovered. If you've ever danced in the rain, you'll know. The feeling can't be beat. Dancing in the snow, by a faint light of a street lamp, that's when time stops. Then later starts again.

Burgundy was a colour I always associated with autumn, not winter. It's never been amidst my favourites, but I have a feeling that's about to change.  Turns out, it's a pretty versatile shade, not too bright but very rich at the same time. Easily combined with others. And it goes with my hair (always a plus). Wanna know something? According to the colour season typology, it is totally not my colour. Not even close. It's actually the opposite of what my colours should be. But here I am, wearing it like there's no tomorrow (a flair for the dramatic, anyone?). When choosing a colour of a garment, I go by mood and taste, but most importantly, I go by gut. It's a trial-error process but if you're looking to liven up your closet, it's worth it. Sometimes the most unlikely of colours look great on you. It's fun to do the test, sure, and by all means go ahead and find out what season you are, but ultimately, the internet doesn't know you, doesn't see you and doesn't get to dictate what you look good in.

My burgundy blouse has these lovely lace sleeves, so I let them peek out from underneath the rollneck to add a bit of texture and interest to the outfit. I really like this look, it's simple, wintery and stylish. Even though it's the first one, I have a feeling it will be one of my favourites. Oh and I forgot to include the blouse in my capsule wardrobe graphics - oops! I wear it every week too!

How do you pick the colours for your wardrobe? Do you go for the tried and trusted or do you like to experiment? And have you ever tried to find out what colour season you are? I'm convinced I'm somewhere in the middle!

Have a lovely week, xo

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