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One of the most important things I've learnt since starting a capsule wardrobe in 2014 is the idea of a uniform. Everyone has one, or two, or three and realising what they are makes quite the difference - whether you're in the stages of planning a capsule wardrobe or shopping for new clothes. I wrote about how to establish your uniforms here. And a free capsule wardrobe workbook here. When you know your uniforms it instantly makes capsule wardrobes easier - suddenly you know what to get and how much to get of it. It gives you a much needed framework. And truth is, it may take more than one season to get it right. It's taken me almost a year and a half until I started to feel like I'm finally getting it down. Until I started to feel a liiittle bit stylish. This winter I put together four uniforms that I use to build my everyday outfits. It's kinda great to see them in black and white.


This is perhaps the uniform that makes me feel the most stylish. Like a bundled up New York girl hailing a cab to drive her to her amazing Brooklyn loft. Haha. But you know what I mean. I feel very effortless and free and confident. As a side note, I love the idea of signature pieces (more about those in the workbook). In short, it's the pieces that best represent your personal style. The "I wear this all the time and it makes me feel amazing" pieces. Your absolute faves. In the boho uniform this is the button up skirt (which I need in black too! Desperately!), the oversized scarf and the black bag, inspired by this season's Chloé it-bag, but from Mango for 20$. Score.

* * *


A simple and clean uniform with little space for error. The quick and easy uniform. Admittedly, a little boring had it not been for the statement cardigan. Or statement something. It would look good with a simple cardigan but statement jeans, or just a statement scarf. There are a few possibilities for which piece you want to do the talking. This uniform makes easy to put together, minimalist, run out the door in 5 kind of outfits. Signature pieces: those boots (heart eye emoji), black skinnies, aztec cardigan.

* * *


A little eclectic, a little cute even. Yes, all of my uniforms are pretty casual in the end as I hardly ever dress up, but I still consider the first two a little fancy. Which makes these last two casual. I mean, it's the tried and tested jeans and t-shirt combo, but I like seeing how everyone appropriates it for themselves. This one is wintery and a bit funky and playful, which I love. And some Christmas sweaters can be worn in January, I say. Signature pieces: distressed, beautiful blue jeans, trainers (fell in love with New Balance a little bit), the backpack. Backpacks are cool!

* * *


It took me a long time to give this uniform a title. I mean, what is it? It's definitely casual, there's a skirt, it's soft, it's light, almost let's just call it cosy. It's quite sporty, like the kind of outfit you'd wear for running an errand on a Sunday afternoon. It's the fourth uniform, because it's not the core of my outfits, yet I find myself wearing that skirt-sweater combo a lot. The ambiguous uniform! This winter, I made a point of having light coloured clothes in my wardrobe. Wearing black constantly really brings me down. Signature pieces: the skirt as mentioned, trainers as mentioned, definitely the cosy sweater and the breton tee.

* * *

The great thing about these uniforms is that the pieces are quite interchangeable. I'll wear the boho uniform with black jeans and a backpack or the weekend uniform with a skirt and combat boots. It aaall works. Funny how that happens, huh? 😉 One thing that's missing in these uniforms is my grey dress that I absolutely love wearing but I only have two dresses which didn't seem like enough to make a full uniform out of it. I wear it with sneakers, with boots, with cardigans and sweaters. It'd easily be part of the modern and the weekend uniforms.

Since finding out about the uniform concept, I've sometimes caught myself looking at people and thinking about their uniform in my head. Especially people that I see often. Perhaps a little creepy when you say it out loud but a great practice! For example, my colleague's uniform is skinny jeans, sweatshirts and ankle boots. Sometimes it's easier to see other people's uniforms than your own, but through this mental exercise, or whatever that was, it became easier for me to identify mine. Plus, it's kind of fun! I hope this post has inspired you to think more about your uniforms - especially if you're on the quest of defining/finding your personal style. Uniforms are a good way to make it more refined and a huge help when out shopping. What do you think about my uniforms? I'd love to hear what you think your winter uniform(s) are, let's share some inspiration!

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