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We have snow again! I'm spending the weekend with my grandma and as I'm writing this, I'm watching the snow fall outside her windows. This outfit is one of my winter uniforms in action. When I saw this cardigan, it was one of the few things that I felt like I absolutely had to have. I mean, there was no going back! And I think I'd have loved it even more if I had it in the dark red colour which seems to be sold out worldwide (sad face).

I wore this cardigan practically non stop for a week after I got it, really getting those cost per wears down. It's not a thick one, but because it's a waterfall cut, you can wrap it around yourself a little. This is the cardigan that changed my styling game. Before I got it, I gave little thought to what I was going to wear it with. A cardinal sin with the capsule wardrobe, remember the rule: think about at least three outfits from the clothes you already have before you purchase anything? But like I said, there was no going back. I was decided to Just slap on a t-shirt or whatever. I brought it home and tested the possibilities. It seemed that the cardigan performed its best when the rest of my outfit was muted, boring even. Because the cardigan itself is quite a loud, statement item, though subdued in colour, it does best when paired with plain clothes. I hear you think: You don't say! but you know what, life is full of small realisations, however insignificant, and this is one of them: an outfit can work if only one item does the talking. Like, all of the talking. There's nothing special or interesting about the rest.

It's not some huge news and I'm not going to build all of my outfits based on this idea from now on, but there is finally a reason for all those plain clothes we find in our closets. Let's get some use out of them! (Though I'm an owner of plenty plain things, I found out I was lacking in the boring t-shirt department so I got two basic t-shirts to go under my winter sweaters. Surely you wouldn't want to waste interesting t-shirts by hiding them under a chunky knit? That's another realisation for ya.) Any does all the talking items in your life lately? Or absolutely have to have items you're determined are the thing that will make you tick? The best thing about this cardi is that I think it will work in summer too. Boho vibe, jean shorts outfits, here I come!
Have a lovely weekend!

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