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Katberries: Does your style suffer in hot weather?
Katberries: Does your style suffer in hot weather?

Hi friends! How's the weather where you are? Is it still hot or has summer already left and let fall do its wonders? I'm afraid that for me it's the latter - we've had a major temperature drop in the past week. It's almost hard to believe that precisely 7 days ago it was 35 degrees outside. Whoa.

I'm not really made for such warmth and when it's that hot outside, my sense of style pretty much goes out the window. My outfits become combinations of the shortest, lightest and most comfortable shorts and and super thin sleeveless tops. And if I'm just spending time at home, I really do not care whether these two separates fit together. Like the other day I was wearing geometric/tribal patterned orange shorts and a dark blue floral top. Let me tell you, it's not a combo you wanna try at home, haha. Does that make me a bad fashion blogger? Maybe I shouldn't have told you... But that's just how I roll, yeah?

So in answer to my own question, yes, my style does suffer in hot weather. I don't feel like wearing my nicest clothes, because, let's face it, the minute I step outside I'll start perspiring. TMI?

This is probably one of the most simplest outfits I've ever featured here on the blog. But it's nice, it's kind of put together and in the summer, well, what more could you really want? It's the perfect quick outfit for me, dressed in 5 and ready to dash. Whether it's to the park, to go shopping or to meet a friend in a coffee shop, in a simple outfit, I feel, you can never go wrong.

Happy Monday!

Top - h&m / similar
Shorts - diy / similar
Sandals - New Look / similar

*A quick note about the fringe bag - I've been searching for a universal black bag for at least a year and finally I found this leather one on depop, pretty much by accident. Asos still has it in stock, so if your on the market for an affordable black leather bag, this may be the one for you too! 

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