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I think for most of us that are just out of school (high, college or university), September always feels like the real new year. It's hard to get out of that pattern, isn't it? You get a summer holiday and then the new episode of life starts, that's just how it works! So perhaps that's why, around this time last year, I started the capsule wardrobe. And this year, after all the work, I'm thinking that I'm one step closer to really nailing down my personal style.

The jump between summer and autumn fashion is quite a big one. From boho and careless to more serious and formal. Looking back at my first capsule outfits, I keep thinking I wouldn't wear half of them again. The question is, is it because my style has changed organically over the last 12 months, or because I want to start the "new year" with something a little different than the last? Every year, I want to evolve as a person and maybe my style should mirror of this evolution. Or is it a bit of both?

Do you ever get this feeling come autumn? That you want to swap out your wardrobe / clean up your house / commit to a new fitness routine and start afresh?

This is the last outfit of the 10 x 10 series. We got to the end at last. It's not my best one, by far, but
it'd make quite a nice back to school outfit. Simple, comfy and a bit sporty. I mean, if I'd dressed like this when I was a teenager at school, I wouldn't have to pull embarrassed faces when looking back at my high school wardrobe choices now. Do kids really dress for school like the girls in Pretty Little Liars - all stylish and fabulous? Me and my classmates sure didn't and we only finished high school a few years ago. Still, you can see a huge change in "school fashion."

What did you wear to school? For us it was usually the jeans and t-shirt uniform, paired with sneakers. Not very inventive, I tell you ;)

Dress worn as top / similar
Jacket - h&m / similar
Skirt - Tu (altered) / similar
Shoes - Converse / similar
Bag - New Yorker / similar

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