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/ 01 September 2015 / 1 Comment

10 x 10 LOOK 8: I'M BACK!

Oh dear friends, it's been a long time! I've been absent from the blogging world in August and even if I hate when bloggers apologise for not blogging (let's not fall into a bad pattern here) here I am, saying sorry to you. I hope I haven't let you down too much!

Last month meant a bit of an unplanned blogging holiday - I had a big move (more on that later, perhaps), and went on holiday with my family. Now I'm back and it's September and I can (finally!) finish with the 10 x 10 series.

Throughout July I'd been feeling a little burnt out and somehow it made me stop in the middle of this little series. But the break was much needed in the end, I caught a second wind and I'm excited to get things back up and running again. Note the change in appearance! I drew the header myself and I do kind of love it. I hope you do too.

I'll be playing catch up this week - is it autumn yet where you are? We've had one of the hottest days of this year today, 35°C. When it's this hot and the air doesn't move, the best thing you can do is not think about fashion and find the nearest pool/lake/ocean to swim in, don't you think? So I feel a little hot just looking at this outfit - the past few weeks my shorts have been short and my tops thin and sleeveless. Nevertheless, this is one of my favourites - the red skirt was meant to be paired with that top! Red on red on red, it's definitely my happy outfit :) I have a few of those.

I hope you've had a truly wonderful summer, I'd love to hear what you got up to while I was away. I managed to take a set of outfit pictures on my holiday and I can't wait to show you.
Have a great day and to all the mamas reading this, happy start of the school year to you.
I'll be back later this week with outfit number nine!

Top - h&m / similar
Skirt - F21 / similar
Jacket - h&m / similar
Sandals - f&f / similar
Bag - New Yorker / similar

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  1. You're coming back with a bang though so that makes up for the absence. 😜 I love the whole outfit, the new header, everything!


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