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/ 18 July 2015 / 3 Comments

10 x 10 LOOK 7: A BIT GOTH

Happy Saturday, dear friends! I've been taking it a little slow with the blog this week, I finally got around to listing all the clothes I don't wear anymore on ebay (here and here). It's always such a chore, especially if you have 50+ items to sell. So that pretty much drained my internet energy :)

But let's talk about this outfit today - the seventh look of the 10 x 10 challenge. Has a bit of a goth vibe, doesn't it? I even tried to pull a serious goth face while we were taking photos, oh boy, you should see the outtakes. Safe to say smiling just works better for me. Every time I keep a straight face I get a comment from my boyfriend telling me I look super angry.

This outfit isn't actually the one I planned to wear during the challenge, but I put it together one day and it was something a little different, so I thought it would be a good one to show. Funnily enough, I think the outfit would look good in autumn - as a way of layering your summer dresses. (Or in the summer, if your days, like mine, don't surpass 19°C.)

Even though I've never had a goth or an emo phase, I love using clothes to express my different moods and personalities, I find that is what fashion is about for me. So, you know, put on black boots and a black scarf and live it up in the abandoned local cemetery. Or whatever your idea of fun is :)

Do you use clothes to express your mood? Do you ever get the "this outfit is perfect for today" feeling?
Have a great weekend!

Dress - unbranded / similar
Scarf - gift / similar
Bag - New Yorker / similar


  1. That is a really cute way to wear a scarf!

  2. you've said this perfectly, about using your clothes to express yourself and how you're feeling

  3. How are ya doing girl? :)
    I am totally with you, using clothes to express myself/my mood is very gratifying!
    Hope your summer has been nice and warm! :)


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