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I'm a visual person, I think most of us are. Especially when it comes to fashion and style, I am inspired by seeing, watching and imagining. So a while back I started to make mood boards on my pinterest account. I called them colour palettes. Before each season I look for images that embody the feeling I get at that time. Cinnamon buns and darker deeper colours for Autumn. Snow whites, neutrals and colourful accents for Winter. And it's not just photos of outfits, it's images that have that pull, that je ne sais quoi. It's about colours, patterns and textures.

It doesn't matter what's pictured, as long as I get that gut feeling about it - this is the one. I pin a few of "the ones" and later look at the board as a whole. It's like you put together a puzzle of these beautiful images and they now tell you a story. A story about yourself. They reveal your aesthetic preference as you start to see a common theme. And it all feels natural and like it was meant to be.

Collecting inspiration and making a mood board (or a colour palette) is such an important step in wardrobe planning. I couldn't do without it. It's like a ritual. I'd honestly recommend it to everyone. It's the first step to finding your true style - a thing lots of us struggle with. My mood boards always help me set a colour palette for the season. It's becoming less about thinking what colours suit me and go together, and more about the feeling. You develop this sense, after a while, when you just know.

Of course every Spring I'm drawn to pastels, but I'm starting to see how my preferences are shaping up. I'm picking lighter colours, dusky tones and smooth shapes. The foundation colours of my colour palette are neutrals: cream, grey, black, dark blue and followed by the two accents: muted baby blue and dusky pink. I'm so excited about this. I feel like I'm at that point where I'm finally dressing as the person I am, not the person I think I should be. And it feels wonderful, to let myself be me.

And on that note, Happy Women's Day to you!

Do you make mood boards? How do you decide on the colour palettes for your wardrobe and new additions? I find colour palettes so interesting!

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