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I'm the kind of person who enjoys packing for a trip and planning out outfits. Unpacking though, that's a whole other story. At any given time, the success of your travel wardrobe (traveldrobe?) depends on: a) the weather of the destination(s) and b) the activities you'll be doing. I believe that if you take that little bit of time to think about these things prior to your trip, you'll avoid those rushed destination shopping runs ('Didn't think I'd need my bikini!') that often leave you some $$ lighter completely unsatisfied with your purchase.

Last week I got back from a 10 day trip to the UK and I must say this is my most successful travel capsule wardrobe yet. I took 13 pieces + 3 scarves to add a bit of colour. And you know what I think made it so successful? I stopped planning my outfits for what I think my style should be and started dressing for what it really is. Which means pieces that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Casual with a couple dress up possibilities - that's my style in a nutshell.

Here's what I took with me:

+ Oversized POLKA DOT SWEATER / or this one - Polka dots normally make me feel a bit cutesy but because this sweater only has a few and they're fairly far between, it feels more "grown up."

GREY SWEATER / or this one - oversized body but fitted arms is what gives this sweater a flattering shape. Great for layering over dresses and short sleeve t-shirts.

CROPPED RED SWEATER - This is such a surprise item, I love how it instantly adds colour and brightens up your look.

NAVY STRIPED T-SHIRT - Mine has a slouchy fit which is great for casual days. Also, it's navy, a welcome move from an otherwise very neutral capsule.

GREY T-SHIRT - A good, linen layering basic.

WHITE STRIPED T-SHIRT - long enough that it shows even under the long grey sweater (yes to visible layers!) and also long enough to tie a knot and make you look the way cool kids do. Would also look great knotted over the black dress.

GRAPHIC T-SHIRT (same) - this is my new favourite t-shirt. Great, slightly oversized fit, comfortable fabric and a messy print that takes it from boring to interesting. Great layered under any of the jumpers + a great travel t-shirt!

BLACK SNEAKERS (same) - I only took one pair of shoes with me, I wasn't going anywhere fancy and I knew I had a bit of walking to do. I love that the brand is not instantly visible (they're Adidas), just a simple black sneaker. These have a cloudfoam footbed, which is memory foam for your feet. There's nothing more to say, you've got to try this.

BLUE SKINNY JEANS (same) - A beautiful blue colour and good stretchy fit. These stylish bottoms again provide a bit of colour and go with any top or sweater.


BLACK PARKA - I've never had a parka before, but I like the warmth (it has a removable fur hood trim) and the black means you look less casual than in a khaki parka.

GREY SHIRT DRESS (thrifted + altered) - Shirt dresses are the bomb, and even more so if you get them ethically!

BLACK DRESS - There'd been a black jersey dress sized hole in my wardrobe previously. This guy is a basic that's comfortable enough to travel in.

RED SCARF (vintage), POM POM SCARF (thrifted), SQUARE SCARF (same) - the easiest, fuss free way to add colour and interest to your outfit. It could be completely basic and as soon as you add a colourful scarf, it's transformed.

Not pictured: Underwear + cosmetics.

P.S. Confession: I also took a leather jacket with me, but didn't wear it once (too cold!) so it's not in the above picture. Considering my previous experience, overpacking by 1 is still a win in my books 😉!

P.P.S. I have a few outfits made out of this travel capsule wardrobe to share with you in the upcoming days. Will be back soon!

Do you enjoy packing for a trip? Do you have a special formula you follow? How do you make sure to stay stylish during your trip?

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