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It seems like the temperatures have risen overnight. A couple days ago you'd be walking home bundled up in your parka and then yesterday, bam! 22°C. I'm not complaining, I'm just willing those trees to flower now, I miss seeing their leaves. This is the first of four outfits I have prepared for you from my travel wardrobe a few weeks ago. I was helping my boyfriend pack up our house and sending the last of my belongings back to me. We made it our mission to visit our favourite places for the last time. One of them was Tampopo - I have top 3 restaurants in Manchester and this is one of them, simply for the reason that it serves amazing Laksa soup my boyfriend and I love.

I wore a simple black stretchy dress (almost as comfortable as sweats) and this red BANG sweater over it. When I picked it up I thought it was nothing like my style. Very out there and even the wrong size. But I tried it on and loved it. I thought, why not expand my horizons a little and it's been a favourite since. Sometimes your gut just decides for you and often it's not a decision you regret. I've recently taken to wearing silk neck scarves and it never gets old how one thing can change the vibe of your look completely. I feel more feminine and chic by the instant. You should give it a go!

But let's talk about these sneakers for a minute. They are the comfiest thing ever. No seriously, Adidas has outdone itself. I've been thinking about getting black sneaks for some time but the only option seemed to be Nike's Roshe Runs that the streets are/were full of. Remember them? I feel like they pretty much have gone out of style since they were so popular couple years ago. I also didn't like the idea of a huge Nike logo on the side, I just wanted something plain, you know? These Adidas shoes are made from a neoprene-like material, the brand logo is very subtle (it's invisibly embossed rather than printed) and the most important thing is, they have memory foam footbed. It's even better than it sounds. Oh, and because of the cut and the material, they make your feet look smaller. I'm a UK6 (US8) and my feet look so dainty in these! OK, thanks for indulging me, ode to the sneaker over.

I'm going to run outside now and enjoy the warm spring weather, but I'll be back with another outfit later this week. I'm also making the final touches on my spring wardrobe so I'll be posting that soon too! Might be my best one yet.

Jersey dress - similar | Bang sweater - similar | Sneakers | Parka - similar | Vintage scarf - similar

Have a great week!

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