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London is a place I always love to return to. There's something about that city, especially on a sunny day. Each place I visit glows with a certain kind of atmosphere - sometimes it speaks to me, other times it doesn't. It drives the decision whether I want to visit the city again. London definitely has that kind of glow for me.

This time around I finally went to visit Tate Modern. I'd been planning on going for years but never got around to it. The piece in the large entryway was quite clever. The artist collected soil from different places around the city, watered them and provided light and watched what will grow in each of the plots. You'll see some plots with plants or grass and then some of them stay bare. It was fascinating to watch. After walking around for a couple of hours and watching a short document on restoring Rothko's painting after it was vandalised, we headed to the Borough Market. I just wish I had all the money in the world to spend on the amazing foods there! Boy is it pricey. We treated ourselves to lunch and an almond croissant, which, although not in the same category as its French counterpart, was delicious.

Afterwards we walked through the moving bridge (apparently it moves during strong wind) to St Pauls. We sat on the steps and just enjoyed the sun for a few minutes, before it was time to go. I wore keep heat tights that do precisely what it says on the cover, my (thrifted) new favourite cotton dress with a polka dot sweater on top, a scarf to add some colour, parka jacket and the best sneakers in the world.

Are there any cities that have that kind of magic glow for you? Or if you have any favourite spots in London, do share! I'll utilise them on my next visit :).

Back soon with outfit number 3!

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