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Let me start off with a question: when you wear a dress, what do you wear on top? A cardigan, a denim/leather jacket, a sweater? The latter seems to be hard to pull off for me. I find it always ends in the wrong place, it's usually too long or if it's cropped it puffs up on your waist. Well layering sweaters with dresses is a thing I have yet to master, nevertheless, there is one piece that makes it easy. A jersey dress. Anything bodycon, really.

It's strange how it happened, how I came to know this was the piece that was missing from my wardrobe. One day I just had the idea and that was it. I wasn't scrolling through Pinterest or even thinking about my wardrobe and then, as if a light came on, I knew. And I got so lucky that the first shop I went into had the perfect one. Cotton, a bit of stretch, black, short sleeves and deep back (I actually didn't think of the deep back but it gives it a nice touch!). In that moment, the sartorial stars were aligned for me. How bizarre!

This is a simple outfit from my travel wardrobe and it's all the shades of grey. Plus a scarf of course, my new favourite way of spicing things up. I hardly ever take pictures in a low ponytail, because I feel like it doesn't look good, but on that day I made it look okay and my hair even matches the sunglasses (unintentionally, but let's pretend). It's the little things😉.

P.S. The blog has gone through a little makeover (yay!) but there are still a few things that need to be worked out and adjusted so please bare with me and let me know what you think!

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