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/ 12 July 2015 / 4 Comments


Hi friends, how's your weekend? I have a couple more 10 x 10 outfits to shoot and I'm hoping to finish that today. I've planned everything I'm wearing so it shouldn't be too hard.

What I am finding hard though, is styling these denim shorts. I like wearing them because they're comfortable, but they definitely lack the wow factor. They're just really simple and I guess my trouble is that I like to wear them with interesting and colourful tops and I don't really have those in the 10 x 10. (Perhaps apart from the red stripe t-shirt.) How do you style your denim shorts? I'd love to have a loose white peasant top to pair them with.

So here I put together a bit of a casual (camping) chic look, that, I keep thinking, I maybe can't quite pull off. It would work for a summer barbecue, just swap the lace top for a simple tank. Or even throw a checked shirt into the mix and go for a full on camping vibe :) I'd actually love to have a green blue checked shirt to wear with the shorts.

These are the shorts I diy-ed from a charity shop pair of boyfriends jeans, and I'm pretty happy with them. I distressed them a little bit, you can see that on the back pocket. My only doubt was whether to have the legs' hem line folded or whether to just cut them at the desired length and leave them fray for a more careless look. I love the careless look and would generally prefer it, but I wasn't sure it would work here. So I just folded them twice for now and who knows, maybe I'll take the plunge and cut them off higher soon. Same with the distressing, I wasn't feeling brave enough for wide slits down the front, but like I said, the night is still young. Do you think frayed leg ends would work?
What do you wear when you go camping?

And so with the impending outfit shoot(s) I'll bid you goodbye - with the hopes that the weather is much nicer where you are. Have a great rest of the weekend and see you next week with the seventh 10 x 10 outfit.

Top - h&m / similar
Shirt - h&m / similar
Shorts - diy / similar
Shoes - vans / same
(Backpack - Fjallraven Kanken)


  1. I think that outfit works great. I have a pair of denim shorts with rolled up hems and I always go for a casual comfortable look with them. :)

  2. It's quite funny, because this is exactly what I would wear for a camping-trip. Or any day, to be honest lol. Jeans/shorts with a plain tee and a flanell checked shirt... (My uniform, I can wear it anywhere! Especially on a camping trip) Or just a regular shirt.

    My favourite shirt is a blue/green checked shirt with some white from H&M, I've worn it for almost a year, and it's about to wear out... So if you find one, please let me know! ;)

    I hope you had a lovely trip! The sceanery sure looks gorgeous!

  3. Your DIY shorts turned out fantastic! I really like how you folded the hem. I tried making some jean shorts a few years ago but could never figure out how to fray the hem. I'm going to go back and try rolling them like you did! Now I kind of desperately want to go to a charity shop and buy some jeans to cut up!

    How did you distress them?

  4. Cute, cute!! And I have been living in my denim shorts lately too. It's been so bloody hot & dry in Vancouver... love yours paired with the lace top & chambray! Must try!! xo

    PS - Thanks for the sweet words on my b-day. I'm excited!! Happy to rock my age and just go with it!!


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