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Sandals + jeans. Does that sound weird to you? It sure did to me, for years, till this Autumn. I never got how it could make sense, either you're hot or you're cold, right? Turns out, we just don't normally get the kind of weather where this would work. Dry, warmish and not windy. Only it did happen for about a week in September (yes this outfit is from September, there's no way you'd catch me wearing sandals in November!).

So I tried it and surprised myself by liking the look. It's simple but it feels right. Do you know the feeling? When you just know you nailed your look that day.

And let's talk about those sandals for a minute. I am in love with them. One of the top 5 purchases this year for sure.

I got them while on holiday in Greece. They're leather, locally made, beautifully minimalist and I just can't get over the colour. It's a very light tan, almost skin coloured. They are the prettiest sandals I've ever seen (they also have a strap at the back) and I've been trying to find leather this colour ever since. I'm on a hunt for a backpack or a saddle purse, let me know if you see one?

The success of this outfit is in the details. The subtle colour palette for example. From bottom to top it's light tan, black, rust and chestnut (hair). Black and a few different shades of brown (and who said black + brown were a bad idea? Not me.). It works and it still feels a little new. I'm already thinking how to translate this palette into a more wintery outfit. I think I have an idea :).

Of course now it's more about boots, coats and scarves but perhaps where you live you can still afford to wear sandals with jeans? I have one more sandal-y outfit for you and then we're in full on winter mode. What's a colour palette you love wearing right now?

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