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Do you do Christmas jumpers? I love them. Or, more precisely, I love the idea of them as my Christmas jumper count currently stands at 0. I know.

We don't really have a tradition of Christmas jumpers - on Christmas Eve when we have a big festive dinner and then also for lunch on Christmas day we dress up in nice, fancy-ish clothes to celebrate the special occasion. So you see, a very casual Christmas jumper doesn't fit the dress code, however many sequins it may have.

Still, watching Christmas TV, baking or wrapping presents certainly packs a bigger punch when accompanied by a festive jumper (sweater for my American friends... You knew that). However - here comes the twist - I won't be satisfied with any sort of jumper. It appears I'm somehow particular, because nothing the (physical) shops are offering is catching my fancy. Instead, I have to rely on the internet - the trouble being that once I find something I love it's, more often than not, sold out, doesn't actually have an online shop or ships for extortionate amount of money (or, let's face it, costs an extortionate amount of money).

So while I'm biding my time I've complied a (wish) list of the jumpers I do like. The top picks amongst the top pics are:
1. cream jumper with tiny green tree pattern (primark),
2. the crazy red one below it that's actually a sweatshirt,
3. the pink and red one next to it that isn't limited to Christmas use (and one could argue it's therefore not a proper Christmas jumper but hell, it was in the Christmas secion of the website so one can kindly shut up)
4. sausage dogs in Christmas jumpers (primark)
5. candy canes
6. and perhaps the closest contender to #1 is navy blue jumper with a string of baubles (warehouse)

Do you wear festive jumpers come Christmas time? What styles do you like?

Here are the links to those that aren't sold out yet: cream with string of baubles, I'm not a chicken, crazy red sweatshirt is n/a but here are pantspink and red, red sweater, Ho-ho-ho, bunnies, jollycandy canes, not in the pictures but this one is great too

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