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Seen the post about my spring uniforms? Well, this is one of them in action. Once you nail down your uniform(s), creating a put together look becomes so easy. I admit that making the uniform post is actually what gave me this idea of this outfit, so I repeated it exactly. I'm tempted to do it for all four, so you see them in real life.

I also enjoy taking snaps around town, it's very photogenic! But let's talk about this dress for a minute. It's thrifted and when I originally tried it on, it had these 3/4 puffy sleeves that I couldn't imagine being flattering on anyone. Otherwise it was a nice cut + cotton fabric, all in all for 3€, so I thought chopping off sleeves should be an easy and quick enough alteration. My mum landed a helping hand and voila! I have a completely wearable, comfortable day dress.

If I'm buying something that's not perfect from a thrift shop, my rule of the thumb is, alterations can't take more than 2 or so hours. If they do, I know I'll never get around to it. I started visiting the local thrift stores more often since February, under the influence of my friend Andrea's blog. She took the plunge last year and started shopping ethically only. I don't think I'm ready to commit 100% yet, for reasons like budget, availability of ethical stores, the fit of their items and thrift stores not having nearly as good a stock as in the US. But I've decided I'll do what I can. Baby steps. If I can find a sweet piece in a thrift store and thus don't have to buy it new, great! If not, then that's okay for now.

This was another reason for the month-long complete shopping fast: the less I buy, the less I support fast fashion. I'm taking this seriously and hope to only shop very minimally for the summer. (My summer wardrobe is a mess, so this is a big challenge.)

I'd love to know, have you thought about being more ethical with your fashion purchases? I'm not trying to shame you, I'm wondering if this is something that's been going through your head too. Or can you not imagine a world without H&M? (I do struggle with this myself a little 😉)

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