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This skirt is hands down my most worn piece of the season. I hope you're not sick of it yet!
I'm getting more and more comfortable with wearing colour. Oh boy would I hate my wardrobe without it! When I started the capsule wardrobe, I admired all the ladies out there and their neutral-coloured style. And I gave it a go, I did. For two capsules. The result was: good for her, not for me.
It was a great experiment though, one in which I learned I needed colour in my life.

What's the secret to adding colour to your (capsule) wardrobe? 
It's to start small

You pick one or two colours, not more. So pick wisely. Something you already know you love to wear. For me, this was blue. And while this worked for Caroline, blue on its own was too cold for me. and I added red too. It's nice to experiment with the pairings and it makes for quite unexpected combinations sometimes - all the better!

So if you're on the fence, think about the colour you love to wear the most and start with that. Play around. Get used to it. Take your time. A few months in, you'll know if you need more. (I did and added khaki!) And fyi, you don't have to like all the shades of that colour, you just go for the ones you love - pink but no coral, khaki but no green, purple but no lilac. Just a few examples.

What's your secret to adding colour to your wardrobe? Or do you prefer to keep it neutral? Let me know what's the colour you would add to your wardrobe right now!
Have a great week everyone.

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