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Your personal style develops all your life. You can never get too comfortable - one minute you think you know what you like and then something appears that completely grabs your attention and you don't really know why. I'm a big advocate for listening to your intuition when it comes to personal style decisions. And yes, there are tools to check whether a purchase is right for your closet or not. (The most simple and effective being: Can I make 3 outfits with this item out of the clothes I already own?)

And so it happens that I thought I had myself pretty figured out, when I spotted this cropped, long sleeve, high neck, colourful, striped, ribbed t-shirt. Right from the jump I thought there was no way this combination would ever look good on me. From the description, it should be wrong for a lot of reasons: cropped and long sleeved? Don't I have other striped tops I don't wear as often as I'd like? Surely the ribbed fabric will be tight in all the wrong places. I could go on. But something told me to just give it a go and so in the fitting room I tried it on and -- it so unexpectedly fit me right. The rest is history.

I found that even though it's such a statement item, I can pair it with a lot of my wardrobe, and for a case of strong pattern mixing, even with my craziest loudest skirt. This one. It's some sort of magic. (On an unrelated note: whenever someone says magic, this tune plays in my head.)

So it's about time I featured it here. I've already worn it 7 times in the short time I've had it (smashing that cost per wear) and I do admit I went back for a b&w version, which I might alter to a short sleeved top. And yes, you do have to wear high waisted bottoms with it, but it's not really a problem for me - all my skirts fit the bill and some pants too. I got plenty of options.

Also, a quick note, the skirt in the photos is one of the items I've not included in the official capsule. It's one of the floater pieces I talked about in that post. An alternate. All in all this is quite a simple outfit (well, that's what Katberries is all about) and I do like the colours in it, the pairings are pretty unexpected too!

What about you? Do you have an item in your wardrobe that became an unexpected favourite? Does your intuition ever surprise you in that way - that you like something you never thought you would? Best moment of sartorial discovery!

Have a great week, friends.

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