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May is here! And spring's in full swing. A couple weeks ago, I went through parts of my closet and got rid of a few more items. For me, cleaning out my closet is an emotional activity, and now, it's just the sentimental pieces that are left. It's hard is to let go of those.

But my point is, I've run out of storage. Exercise gear and loungewear take up some but I still feel like I can do better. I have to do better!

So to clear my head and to get back to my ultimate goal of living with less, I'm self-imposing a 30 day shopping ban. Rules: Everything except for food is a no go. That includes: clothing, exercise stuff, shoes, accessories, jewellery, books, even cosmetics. It's a 30 day shopping cleanse. Wish me luck!

Any advice on how to keep myself in check is totally appreciated and feel free to join in on the challenge!
I wouldn't normally announce this kind of thing, but I wanted to keep myself accountable and share how I'm feeling right now, in case you are/have gone through this phase too.

Have a great day, dear friends.

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