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You like skirts, don't you? I was staying at a friend's house the other day, where a big group of us was watching our other friend compete in Miss Slovakia (she got the Congeniality and 2nd runner-up award, btw) and the next morning, as I was getting ready, one of the sisters hosting the get together asked me this question: You like skirts, don't you? She guessed right - I am most definitely a skirt girl right now.

But why am I talking skirts when I'm wearing jeans in the photos? Well due to my recent skirt favouritism, it may be a rare treat (and perhaps a welcome break?) to share an outfit that features pants. I've been waiting for a few months for the weather to get to this stage - my favourite stage - where you can leave your jacket and warm shoes home. And, truth be told, I've been dying to try the lace up flats trend. I think it looks so elegant and feminine, without the high heel. Anything with that description - sign me up.

From the beginning, I was set on a nude pair. It's more flattering with bare legs in the summer, because it doesn't create the border a black string would. I took them for their first outing this past Sunday and I'm back to report that it does not pay to skimp on shoes. In other words, I have a huge blister on my heel... It's surprisingly hard to find pointy toe nude lace ups in an affordable price range. Unless you want the blisters, in which case I can hit you up with a recommendation or two 😉.

I'll probably give them another go, though definitely not in the next 7 days or so, erhm.

Are you more of a skirt or trousers girl yourself? Or do you prefer dresses?
Oh, and you're welcome to share any shoe or clothing fails in the comments below. Misery loves company!

P.S. I've got lots of content prepared for you, outfits and lifestyle bits too. I can't wait to share!
Have a great day, friends.

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