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I am really excited about this wardrobe. Every time I put together a seasonal wardrobe, I say it's better than the last and more "me." Guess what? It's the same this time. I know, I am repeating myself, but it's a good thing. It means I'm learning, improving and getting to know my style with each wardrobe past. The journey is ongoing:).

You might remember that I divided my winter wardrobe into two partsfoundation and extras. I really think you need these two groups to create a successful wardrobe. This time, they're all together in one graphic, but rest assured, I still think about them along those lines. I'm recycling 10 items from my last foundation wardrobe (hello accountability) and the rest is stuff from storage/upcycled/new stuff. Extras is a different story, I only have 4 from winter extras here, but it's to be expected as the they're tailored to the season.

If you have been following me for a little while, you probably caught on to the fact that I go by looser capsule rules. That's why capsule is in brackets. I've done the "proper" rules for almost a year and I don't find them sustainable for my lifestyle and personality. Maybe I'll share more on that some other time. What you see here is the base of my wardrobe and clothes I wear 85% of the time. But there are other clothes - ones that are at the same time too precious to let go of and too rarely worn to be featured in the "capsule." Like my brown corduroy skirt. It's a hand-me-down from my mum, it fits me well and suits me, but I only wear it a handful of times during the year. I will not get rid of it, it has its space inside my wardrobe for when I'm in the mood for it. Maybe it won't stay there forever, but right now this is how it works best for me.

There are a few of these pieces, 10 or so, and a few pairs of shoes. For example, I haven't included sandals here but the other day it was so warm that I took them out of the storage box and just wore them. Because I felt like it. And in my books that's okay.
FYI, I call these pieces floater pieces, but my friend Karin calls them alternates. 
(I also reserve the right to swap/remove a couple of pieces - pretty soon it's going to be too hot for that parka coat!)

So why am I still calling it a capsule, you may ask? Well, even if I do have slightly different rules, I very much feel like part of the community. And I strongly believe there is no right way to do this. I tried it and adapted it to work for me. Plus, "kinda capsule wardrobe but not quite" is not a very highly rated SEO term😉.

What do you think about the wardrobe? Too many stripy tops:)?
And what's your stance on the rules? Do you think I shouldn't be associating with the term capsule? Do you go by different rules?

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