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My skirt phase is still going strong - it may be the longest phase yet! If tights were less hassle to put on, I don't think I'd even wear pants. Although some of you are starting to think about summer, we've been having a cold spell recently which makes me wonder is it spring yet? I could just do with a couple weeks of 20°C temperatures and spring barbecue lunches.

I had a lot of fun putting my winter uniforms post together, so I thought I'd also bring you my spring uniforms. And looking back at my winter uniforms just now, I realised that my first spring uniform is really the same as the first one from winter, just updated for warmer weather. Denim skirt, colourful top, leather jacket, crossbody bag and comfy shoes. That's my recipe for success!

Introducing my 4 spring wardrobe uniforms:

I wear the first one at least 60% of the time, if not more. Which is why I can justify having three denim skirts 😉. I think I'm constantly trying to make my style a little less loungewear casual and a little more put together. Loungewear casual is very comfortable, don't get me wrong, but I don't like the way it makes me feel when I look in the mirror.

And that's why I revived my old moccasins. I got them at a TK Maxx a good few years ago and they are comfortable and make a very satisfying click-clack sound when I walk. For a girl who doesn't enjoy the pain of heels, this is a win win. The problem was the colour, a meh mid-grey. Didn't seem to go with anything. This spring I finally took the plunge and painted them black (they're nubuck leather). I can't wear them when it's wet outside because of colour leakage, but otherwise I'm so happy with the result! There's nothing like smart shoes to make your outfit.

The classic jeans & tee uniform I'm a bit bored of (see: skirt phase). But I try make it a bit interesting with subtle colours and layering and of course accessories like my favourite DW watch or a brooch.

My black jersey dress is practically a uniform in itself. I included it here because it's possibly the most versatile item I have in my closet right now. The flattering silhouette makes it so easy to dress it any way I like. With sneakers as pictured, aforementioned moccasins or heeled sandals. It's a blank canvas that invites possibilities! If I believed in the "10 things every woman should own" list, this would be at the top.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about my outfit building and in return, do let me know what outfit uniform you've been loving the most lately. Anybody in the skirt phase boat with me?

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