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Heeey guys! I really hope you're not sick of gift guides just yet! Because, you know, this image took hours to make.  No kidding. So let's show some enthusiasm! Who's feeling up for the holidays? My hand is raised, both of them, in fact. I need some peaceful time off. Watching Christmas TV and eating great food have never sounded more appealing. I have most of my presents sorted out, I think, but if you're finding yourself a bit stuck for ideas, I'm here to help.

It can be a struggle to find a relatable gift guide - as fun and beautiful as some of them out there are, they are usually way over my budget. Like, I'm not gonna get somebody a dress that costs 200$, that's just not realistic. So I put together something more budget friendly, as the title says. There are a couple gifts that go over the 50$ threshold, especially in the last deluxe category. But the rest mostly ranges from 5-30$ and that to me sounds a lot better than 200$. wink

And in the spirit of all things last minute, below are links for the ideas pictured. The ones with a * are the same as pictured, the ones without are just similar items. Get yourself inspired and head out for that dreaded last minute shopping frenzy! And if anyone has a tip for what the heck to get your dad, spill it! Help a girl out with this annual struggle!
Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Gifts for a Baker
Mini bundt cake silicone mold - I think this is the new it thing!   |   Recipe box*   |   Personalised apron - an easy DIY!   |   Cake stand   |   Cookie stamp

Gifts for a Beauty Buff
Burt´s Bees gift set*   |   Small eye shadow palette   |   Cleansing brush*   |   L´Occitane hand cream* - the shea butter smells ah-mazing   |   Make up brushes - try good, high street brands   |   Handmade soap   |   Beer cosmetics* - smells amazing! And I don't like beer.

Gifts for a Fashionista
Daniel Wellington watch* - amazon has the best price for new.   |   Aztec scarf   |   Embroided dress   |   Onesie - so cosy.   |   Shopper bag   |   Phone case by Papio Press - oops! Seems the ones pictured sold out!   |   Fiorelli Backpack*   |   Cardigan - nothing similar to this out there, but H&M has some really nice ones in stores! Like this one!

Gifts for the Quirky Friend
Star Wars socks* - find these in Primark, of all places! + a lot more Star Wars merch   |   A fun toy* - this is one of the winners of an IKEA competition that asked kids to draw what toy they wanted. The winners' drawings were mass produced. The whole collection is amazing!   |   Washi tape   |   Stork scissors - mine are from Tiger! - a shop full of really fun stuff you can use as gifts! Super affordable too!   |   Fun umbrella   |   2016 planner / or just a fancy notebook   |   Kitty pillow   |   Origami paper - a great gift for a crafty lady or even a couple! Find it on amazon or in any good stationery store.

Gifts for the Nester
A set of bed sheets* - IKEA is good quality and affordable. Just make sure you know they're decorating style. (These and these too.)   |   Thermos* - always a useful thing to have.   |   Pretty mug(s)*   |   Bear bowl   |   Plant garden - thrift some teacups and DIY!   |   Pillows - plenty on Etsy, but try your local stores too.   |   Butter dish - a special one with water seal. It keeps the butter fresh and you can keep it at room temp. Really, see your yourself.

Gifts for the Guys
Batman socks* - Primark! A go to for affodable and funky socks.   |   Beer shampoo* - a no brainer here!   |   Laptop case - with his initial! (Or one with donuts...) Same goes for iPads.   |   A pack of his favourite beer   |   A subscription to Audible* - for however many months you can afford.   |   Thermal mug* - with a fun, manly print of course!   |   Printed boxers/underwear - I chose Star Wars here again (can you tell my boyfriend likes it). Just have a look around the shops.   |   Pretty mug - because men want a stylish cup of coffee too.   |   Box of cookies - nicely packed and homemade!   |   Pyjamas - a classic

Gifts for a Doer
An active person, no links here, just ideas:
Calligraphy class - so much fun!   |   Cooking class for one or two - even more fun!   |   Wine tasting for two   |   Flower arrangement class   |   A day out skiing - if you live close to a resort.

Let me know if you have any foul proof Christmas shopping strategies! What are you buying this year? What are you buying for the men in your life?

Till next time,

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