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Hey guys! How was your Christmas? I'm going to deviate a little from the usual fashion focused programme and chat about the holidays. Because, well, that's what's still on our minds, isn't it? I've mentioned this before that in Slovakia we celebrate Christmas with gifts on the 24th, so on Christmas Eve. We have a big dinner of about 5 courses and then we open up our presents. I definitely prefer it to opening presents in the morning of the 25th - with the nighttime all around it's just more magical. The Christmas tree lights are on and twinkling and it really sets the scene.

I thought I'd tell you how we do presents in my house. I'm always interested to hear what traditions other families have. I distribute the presents, normally, and it's not an easy job, I tell ya. Because there's not that many of us - the past couple years it's been me, my parents and my boyfriend - we do one present at a time. I read a name, hand the present over and we all watch while the person unwraps it and finds out what it is. We don't write who the present is from on the name tag. 'Cause, you know, it's from Santa. (Actually we don't have Santa but let's not go into that right now.) It may seem a bit tedious but it's actually really nice because you get to see what everyone else got and you get to enjoy Christmas for a while longer. If we all just grabbed our pile and ripped the packaging open, it would be over in a matter of minutes. Distributing presents like I do, you have to make sure there's even handing out - one person doesn't get two gifts in a row. But there is one perk. You get to choose in which order you open your presents - and which one you open last. That's always fun.

I got lots of great presents this year. I always love getting surprises. Of course, for a good surprise gift the person has to really know you. I like getting big and small gifts. I think for a present to be great, it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. I think I prefer more small gifts instead of one big one. Unless that present is a new macbook. Or a big trip around the US, hehe. This year I got winter thermals (pink!), two fiction books, a hand mirror, an original brooch, a handmade cup, a strong light for evening runs and I'm pretty sure I've forgotten something...oh, a virtual gift of Audible subscription. Pictured are a few more, clockwise: a great modern calligraphy book, new glasses (yay!), calligraphy pen for left handers - although I'm yet to figure out how to make it write smoothly - my favourite magazine, a DW watch - so beautiful!, amazing smelling soap and kitty spoons.

So that was just a short insight into some of our traditions - I'd love to hear about yours! What great presents did you get this Christmas?

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