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It's New Years Eve! And everyone likes a good old looking back post, don't we? 2015 has been a year of the capsule wardrobe, of trying to be more minimalist (still working on that!) and conscious. I know my style may not be the most inspirational or life changing, but it's mine all the same and I like seeing it evolve. It's definitely changed from what it used to be just two years ago. It's still changing now. So here's to being inventive, never getting stuck in a dressing rut and mistakes. Yes, mistakes, because they are the ones that push us, right?

I picked 7 of the past year's outfits that I liked myself best in. It's clear I like simplicity and for 2016 I'm hoping my style will become a bit more polished and perhaps a bit more pronounced. I'm already working on implementing parts of the capsule wardrobe philosophy back into my daily routine and I'm observing how it feels different this time around. But more on that later.

I think it always works out that my most favourite outfits go undocumented (lack of photographer, light, etc) and then I forget them. I keep telling myself to take note but you know how these things go. I think some of my favourite outfits have been the ones I've worn in the past couple months, when I wasn't blogging very much. And usually it's looks that I've just put together just like that, in the 3 minutes I had in the morning. Just goes to show that spontaneity is the best fashion adviser.

Hope you're having a great day and doing what you love best. I'm not going out and dressing up because NYE out on the town is basically a nightmare. Instead I'm joining a few friends at their chalet to play boardgames and eat good food. Say what you want, that's a win in my books for sure :)
What are your plans for tonight?

Happy New Year!

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