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I never thought I´d be broadcasting cringeworthy acronyms to the online world, but nothing describes my feelings better than a TGIF. Honestly, what a week! My head is in a thousand places all at once. I actually have some news that I want to share with you but I have to wait a couple more weeks before I spill the beans. Anyway, I'll get back to the important bit - the wardrobe. That´s why we're here, no?

I got this dress as an early name day present (yup, it's a thing). And I think it's just perfect for Autumn, as the title suggests. Look at those tiny flowers - and those colours! Mustard and navy. And the flattering long sleeve cut, with cute buttons at the back. Can't go wrong there. But just the other day, I was thinking: is it right - and I'm speaking in reference to the minimal wardrobe - to own clothes that are only appropriate for one season? What got me to this place was imagining myself wearing this lovely dress in the Spring. Yes, it's printed with flowers all over, but those colours I'm so excited about now, will feel somehow wrong six months later. Obviously, we'll see how I feel about this dress come March, this is just a prediction after all, but it got me thinking, nevertheless.

I haven't decided on this matter, which is why I'm interested in hearing what you think. Of course you retire your thick knits and winter jackets every season, but what about them dresses? Or tops even. Do you think they should be worn all-year-round or is it okay to pack them up under the bed when the season passes? I like the idea of having such a versatile wardrobe that I can wear it 12 months straight, but knowing myself, I'd probably be tired of seeing the same garments for so long. Actually, I think I have made up my mind. It's OK to retire some pieces seasonally, because when you "find" them a year later it'll be a bit like you've gone shopping and brought home something new. But, you know, maybe I'm totally overthinking this. 😉

What's your opinion on this? What clothes do you pack up and which ones do you keep in your wardrobe throughout the year? And really, thank God it's Friday! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Dress - C&A / similar
Jacket - borrowed / similar
New Balance 373 / similar

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