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Happy July, my friends! It's finally summer-hot here in Manchester, if only for a few days. 28°C in the shade yesterday! Or 82F for my American readers, so you don't have to go google convert it :)

To be completely honest with you, when temperatures hit these highs it becomes really hard for me to give a damn about fashion. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but on those hot summer days you'll find me standing in front of my closet, trying to figure how to wear the least amount of clothes possible while keeping it comfortable and decent. I don't understand how people keep being so stylish in California - it's just too hot guys! Although, there is the thing about the possibility of throwing oneself in the ocean to take the edge off. I could live with that.

My one summer clothing advice is: avoid polyester. It sticks to you like a second skin, and not in a good way.'s just as well that the top you see here is 100% made of it, right? But before you tell me to go eat my words I just have to say that these photos were taken when it was some 10° colder, and while even then polyester is not my first choice of fabric, we have to work with what we get, don't we.

And actually, the "top" is the upper part of a playsuit that I somehow unexpectedly put into my 10 x 10 challenge. I knew then that I'd have to wear it as a top at least once to preserve variety and I'm quite glad of it in the end, because I kind of like it as a top too. Cute print, check; peter pan collar, check. What more could a girl want? Well, to tell the truth, peter pan collars aren't really my thing anymore but apparently this outfit looks very me, as stated by my designated photographer boyfriend.

To stop myself from rambling, I'll finish up with my wisdom of the day (I'm using the word "wisdom" lightly): experiment a little with your wardrobe today. Wear a dress as skirt or a playsuit as top, try something unexpected for you. But goodness, don't try it with polyester if it's as hot as it is here where you are...unless you don't perspire - in which case, let's trade bodies.

Have you ever worn one thing as something else? Do you avoid any sorts of fabrics in the summer?

Wishing you all a lovely month of July and I'll see you again this weekend.

Playsuit, worn as top - Yumi - similar-ish
Skirt - F21 - similar
Shoes - New Look - similar / budget


  1. This outfit is really cute!

  2. It's 32C/90F in London right now and it feels like an oven! I did the exact same thing this morning: stared at my clothes and tried to figure out how little I could wear! I hope you stay cool in Manchester! :)

    The playsuit-as-top was such a great idea!

  3. Uh, I remember being in London in a heatwave a few years ago. It was 36 degrees and when I rode the tube I thought I was dying. Could not cope! Although it would be lovely to have a picnic in one of the pretty parks :)


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