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/ 04 July 2015 / 1 Comment


If you're going to tie your shirt in a knot, summer is possibly the best time to do it. The laid back styling is meant for this season and I find that it looks beach-y and at the same time, chic.

What's best about it is how effortless it looks: "Hey, I just threw this on as I ran out of the house," when in reality you've spent 10 minutes perfecting the knot and the fit (I of course didn't, I just threw it on as I ran out of the house, ehrm ;) )

My favourite knotted shirt pairing might actually be with high-waisted shorts. The top buttons carelessly undone and a pretty a bikini top underneath. But alas, my Levi's 501s are not available to me at the moment so I had to make do with a high waisted skirt. It's a bit of a strange outfit for me, I think looking back it would have felt more my style with birks instead of the trainers. But that's what you get when you listen to fashion advice dispensed by your boyfriend :) Although, he wasn't completely off with the trainers.

Do you ever knot your shirts? This blue one isn't totally suited for it, it has a bit of a strange cut, but I'd love to find a sleeveless one I could play around with.

Happy Independence Day to my American readers, I'm forever jealous of your celebrations and happy Saturday to the rest of us!

Shirt - h&m / similar
Bralet - diy
Skirt - Tu (altered) / similar
Shoes - New Balance / similar
Bag - vintage / similarish

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  1. I don't typically knot my shirts but I will when I wear a skirt. Usually the longer length of button downs kind of throws the outfit. Love the bikini top underneath too! So perfect for summer. :)

    xx Nina


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