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/ 01 June 2015 / 7 Comments


Recently I've been feeling a little uninspired with my closet. It's not that I've exhausted my options, I think I've just been looking at the same clothes for a while. When I feel stuck like this, I usually turn to Pinterest, no surprise there. I even have a secret board called "outfits to recreate" where I collect pictures of looks that I might be able to wear with my capsule wardrobe. There's only a handful of pins there, but enough to cover for me when I need to take a styling break.

Have you seen the first outfit I recreated from pinterest? It features the same jeans, actually, but for a whole different look.

For this outfit I used this pin as my pinspiration. All I'm missing is some knee holes in my jeans - I'm a bit scared of cutting them in myself because I feel like I'll come to regret it. Have you ever diy-ed your jeans? I'm looking around for a charity shop pair I can cut into normal-length jean shorts. That's about the extent of my wild denim appropriations :)

I keep wearing this nude pink cross body with pretty much everything. I don't currently have a black bag and this purse has been a really good substitute. It does casual, it does smart and it does it so well. A winner, in my eyes.

What do you do when you're running out of outfit ideas? I will sometimes rewear some of my favourite outfits but that doesn't bode very well for blog pictures :)
Have a great start of the week and wow, great first day of June!



  1. I actually like your version better because I like the color of your shirt. It's a little more peachy which I love. Great flats too!


  2. Hi Kat, I DIY-ed some holes in my jeans after reading a tutorial or two about how to do it, and studying the holes that I liked. But I did it to my "cheapy" pair and not my nice expensive one because I was afraid of regretting it. I am happy with how my DIY turned out! Also, I wanted to tell you, your post about natural fabrics has really had me thinking! I ditched a polyester top I had slated for summer, and I ended up thrifting a gorgeous silk tank. Yay! Thanks for writing about that. :)

  3. That blouse paired with that purse is just perfect. Both are such a pretty color! I definitely turn to Pinterest for outfit inspiration too.

  4. Thank you! You're right, it is more peachy, I feel like that makes it a bit more grown up and a bit less girly! xo Kat

  5. Hi Andrea! I wouldn't dare DIY my more expensive pairs, but I think my problem is that even if I destroy a cheapo pair - it will mean I'm one pair of perfectly good jeans down and somehow that seems like a too high risk to take. But we'll see, I might work up the courage at some point :)
    Thank you for saying that, I'm so happy you found the post useful. And I'm glad to hear you were able to find a silk tank (and a little jealous, too). So many of the summer clothes in stores are made of synthetic fabrics which is a little annoying, but also good because it makes the shopping decisions much easier. Like: I love this dress, what's the composition? Polyester? Closing the tab and moooving on!
    xo Kat

  6. Thank you, Nnenna! And to think I almost returned the purse - now I wear it all the time!
    Don't you think that sometimes all the outfits you find on Pinterest start to look a little same-y? I'm finding it particularly hard to find any inspo for size 10 girls, not just size 4.
    xo Kat

  7. Yeah, that is a bit true. I still like Pinterest, but I do think it's become a lot more cluttered with all of the suggested pins (that start to look the same), rather than the people I was originally following!


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