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/ 06 June 2015 / 8 Comments


Hi friends, happy weekend! We're having a mild heatwave here so I'm going to try spend as much time outside as possible. Whenever it's nice out I get the feeling I'm wasting the day if I stay inside. Do you get that too? It really makes me wish we had a real garden, we only have a small yard and it's far from picturesque. But hey, enough talk about the weather because I'm pretty sure that's not what you came here for. If you did...well then, this is a bit awkward.

For this outfit, I went back to the basics. Black jeans, white tee, jean jacket and loafers. There you have it. Truth is, I've been going back to basics a lot lately. Looking through my wardrobe, trying to pick the simple items and the ones I haven't worn a lot. And I've been thinking about what comes next. It's almost time for most/least worn items and capsule wardrobe lessons and mistakes. And almost time for the summer capsule...

The thing about that is, I currently have no budget to spend on clothes. Like, zero. I'm telling you this, because, well, I made a promise to myself and to you that I'm going to be honest about my whole experience. And because maybe some of you are in a similar situation. Summer is the season I feel least prepared for - I am severely lacking in the sleeveless tops and the normal-length shorts department. The shoe department too! So I'm currently working with a dilemma: should I build a summer wardrobe from what I've got, knowing it won't be a wardrobe I really want? Should I try find a way to get just a few "new" items - through thrift and charity stores? Or should I wait and start my summer capsule wardrobe later than planned? I'm currently leaning towards the last option. Any words of advice?

But I'm hoping you guys will still stick around and wait this out with me. In the mean time I'll be jealous of my fellow blogger ladies' summer capsules, of course :)
What are your current struggles right now?



  1. Gorgeous scarf, gorgeous bag, gorgeous girl! That outfit <3

    Thrift shops is never a bad idea - good for your wallet and great for the environment! Pretty fun too, like a treasure hunt~ Maybe a combination of the three? Wait a bit for the money, use most of the money in thrift shops and use as much as you can/want from what you already have? Well, I hope it'll work out for you, looking forward to the result! :)


  2. I can definitely relate! I thrifted several items for my summer wardrobe, and funded the thrifting by selling items out of my closet. I didn't have a lot to work with $$ wise, and there are certainly a number of things I would like to do differently, but it is what it is. Summer always goes quick anyway. And I have some lovely items stored in my mind for next summer! Sidenote: I did spluge on one nice leather sandal that I hope will make a big difference in my wardrobe. (More on that in tomorrow's (your today's) post, to be published.. Also for shorts, I cut off some of my old favorite jeans that had gotten outdated or too short! :)

  3. I'd go with the latter option too. But that's probably partially due to the fact that I prefer winter clothes :)
    Love the fishtail braid!


  4. Ah, thank you, Hilda! :-) (+ the blushing emoji)
    I think it will be a kind of combination of the three in the end. I'll probably do a post this weekend on what I've decided to do - it's something a little different than the ideal approach but it works for me, for now. I quite like thrifting, actually, the only thing is that Manchester doesn't seem to be very good for second hand finds - or maybe I just haven't found the right place. That said though, I popped into my local charity shop yesterday and nabbed a 0.99p pair of jeans that I'm repurposing into shorts. Yay!
    xo Kat

  5. I'm glad I'm not alone in this Andrea! I really need to get on top of ebaying, though there's just so many things that don't sell. But like you say, it is what it is. I'm thinking of doing things a little differently this summer because of this whole money thing and because it will be nice to have a little change (sorry if that sounds a little cryptic, I need to organise my thoughts and put a post up about it - hopefully this weekend!).
    I've definitely got a summer wish list and not even a huge one (that's a first) so this might be a test to see if I'll still want those things next year :-) Or nab them in the sales!
    And about those shorts, after your suggestions the other day, I made a trip to the local charity shop yesterday and walked away with a 0.99p pair of boyfriend jeans! Yeah! They fit really well actually and for a while I thought I might just keep them as jeans because good colour and fit are hard to find...but then I went ahead and DIY-ed them into shorts and I'm really happy about how they turned out. So thank you for the encouragement :) Can't wait to go and read your post.
    xo Kat

  6. Love your braid in these pictures!!!

  7. Also just want to say that I can't wait to see your DIY jean shorts!

  8. Thank you! I wish I remembered it as an option for hairstyles more often! :)


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