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I'm just gonna come straight out and say it: I got these pants in Lidl. Yes, Lidl, the global discount supermarket store (as Wikipedia puts it). Not really a place you think about when I say "fashion," is it? You may think cheap sweets, basic fruit &vegetables, and perhaps a deal-of-the-week cycling jacket. Sometimes they have the most random things in their weekly deals (and they can be pretty cool too).

My point is, I found a pair of pants in a cheap store. I'm not ashamed of it, not everything I own has to be carefully hand picked and selected out of a dozen possibilities. Sometimes cheap stuff can be the good stuff. I'm not encouraging you to go on a Primark shopping spree, I'm saying it's nice to take the pressure off from time to time and just get something that isn't of amazing quality and might not last decades, but will serve for a season or two and bring you joy while it lasts.

Maybe if I had a different budget I wouldn't give these pants another look. Maybe I would, I don't know. Their purpose though, is to fill a certain hole in my wardrobe right now. Then, in a couple of years' time when they've either worn out, lost their shape, faded in colour or I simply stopped liking them, I'll be ready to say goodbye. And maybe that wardrobe hole won't be there to fill anymore either.

To be completely honest, the reason I grabbed these cheap jeggings without thinking twice was that while I like and wear them now, I don't think they will be my style two years down the line. It's funny how you can sometimes predict these things: "In 2017, I'll be over the printed trousers trend." Because that's what it is, a trend I wanted to try, to see if it would become something to adopt for my wardrobe and my style. Now I did, I can safely say it's not.

I do wear the jeggings proudly and not just because they're in my spring capsule and I have to. I like them, even though I know they're not 100% me. Bottom line of what I'm trying to say today is: Experiment. Don't feel boxed in with your capsule wardrobe, throw a couple trends in, just for the hell of it. You might end up loving them. And if not, you'll have consolation in the fact that you tried something new, committed to it for a while and learned from the experience. And that's a valuable lesson in itself.
A few words about the outfit: I paired pants with a dress! Definitely not a combination I'd normally go for. I'm trying to keep it fresh for you guys :) The reason it works is because the "dress" is basically just a long shirt. I don't know if I'm ready to wear it with my indigo jeans, but the printed pants are perfect for this combo. Or course, the shiny slippers help - even if my boyfriend says they make me look like a grandma.

How do you incorporate trends into your wardrobe? Is there anything you're itching to try this summer (or spring)?


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