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/ 25 May 2015 / 6 Comments


I call this cardigan my "housecoat." It's big, long, warm and not at all unlike a dressing gown. I throw it on for quick errands, like running to the grocery store to pick up an ingredient we're missing for dinner. It's really casual. And also like the camel coat I never had.

I love when I find a piece of clothing that's versatile. So while I often wear this cardigan with jeans and t-shirt, I thought it would be fun to pair it with something fancier. Like the fanciest dress I have in this capsule. Or just, the fanciest dress I have, full-stop. I wanted to dress it down for a casual lunch in town - but it turns out, even with my housecoat of a cardigan, the outfit's still pretty fancy.

When I came downstairs ready to go, my boyfriend made me doubt myself as he asked if I wasn't a bit overdressed for a sushi bar. I definitely was. So I changed my sleek black loafers for leopard print flats and promised him I wouldn't at least wear the necklace inside. (But I basically said that because I didn't want the feathers falling down on my spicy salmon nigiri anyway. Nobody touches my spicy salmon nigiri.)

We snapped the pictures right after lunch and it seems that the stress of ongoing traffic on the street produces better results than a calm setting of a cinema car park. I've always worked better under pressure.

There's one thing I wanted to ask you, what do you wear on top of your dresses? I find that if I need an extra layer, most of the time the sweaters I have don't really work. Maybe the cropped one, but the others kind of "drown out" the outfit, if that makes sense. Which leads me to cardigans. Because they're usually longer they don't divide the outfit into weird proportions, and because they're open at the front, you still have that feeling of wearing a dress, rather than a sweater and a weird skirt.
Or do you just reach for your trusted jean jacket?



  1. I've always wanted a camel coat, especially one from Max Mara! But I agree, it's difficult to find pieces to wear overtop of clothes in the summer. Especially because we live in Arizona- it's just too hot!


  2. This outfit is so sophisticated yet sassy! Those leopard flats really make it pop!

  3. Thank you KD! What a great description, makes me wish I came up with it myself :)

  4. Ah yes, I've wanted one too, well, especially a trench camel coat, but this year I realised that, actually, I don't think it's very much my style (or not my style yet?). But I can definitely imagine a camel coat on you, I think it'd look perfect!
    I think when it's really too hot I resort to light scarves or a thin cardigan in the evening. They work with pretty much anything :) xo

  5. I just have to say, I LOVE those mid-length dresses/skirts on you.. Stunning! *__*

    And about the layering, I almost never wear dresses just for that single reason.. Except my black plain maxi-dress, it just happens to work with all of my crazy-patterned bombers and checked shirts! So lucky I found that one

    xoxo :)

  6. Hilda, you're such a sweetheart, thank you! I wish this length was more common in the shops!
    I see what you mean about dresses- you have to have a particular layering piece for them to look good. Sweaters and sweatshirts just don't work. I used to love crazy patterned dresses before and I've realised they're basically impossible to combine with the rest of my wardrobe, so now I tend to get simpler designs. Although I'm really craving a crazy maxi dress for the summer :) I already have a black one, like you, but it does get hot when the sun shines.
    xo Kat


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