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/ 04 April 2015 / 6 Comments


Let me tell you a story of how turquoise became this spring's accent colour. I was looking for some sort of a "pop" to add to my wardrobe. A colour pop. I'd been browsing through online stores - online window shopping of sorts, and looking at handbags, trying to find one the colour of which would be so versatile I could wear it all the time. With a black dress or a white dress, pink shirt or blue trousers. My little colour quest...

It didn't take long for it to come to me: turquoise. That's my colour. We go way back when, turquoise and I. Back when I was 7 and me, my mum and grandma went on holiday to Tunisia. Those bright white walls with turquoise doors and window shutters. A beautiful colour, I thought, but back home it never seemed to fit into my European surroundings. And so I always admired it but never wore it, until I came across this crop top. The last piece in an h&m summer sale perhaps four years ago. I wore it a lot. Loved it for a year. Then put it in a drawer. I haven't stopped loving it, no, but it seems that turquoise and I have a little thing. We go round and round our separate ways and then now and then our paths cross. This is that time.

And since we made good - turquoise and I - I've seen a lot of people wearing it, handbags, backpacks and even shoes. They don't know I predicted this. They don't know it's my colour. Going through my belongings I found a turquoise bracelet and a turquoise ring, and it tells me what I knew all along. That we were meant to be.

What do you say? Will you make it your colour too?

(And if not turquoise, what's your colour that goes with everything you love? I'm collecting tips for summer ;) )



  1. that turquoise pop is perfection - in this outfit, and as part of your spring wardrobe. looking good!

  2. Ah thank you Annie! I love love love it and am so sad to see that there isn't really anything similar available now. Can't wait till it's warm enough to wear it just on its own!

  3. You are too cute! Turquoise is such a pretty color and I love your pops of color in this outfit. I am desperately craving some more color in my wardrobe. I went so neutral when I did my capsule, but now that it's spring I really want to bring the color back!

  4. Your look is so cute! I love your glasses--they are such a fun and quirky part of the look that is only amplified by the bright bag! Turquoise is actually my favorite color, and I love how you popped the color against your look! So beautiful!

    <(') hoda | joojoo azad

  5. Thank you! And yeah - that was my feeling exactly when it came to spring wardrobe! By the end of the winter one I was sooo ready for colour. I just wanted to wear beige and blue and pink :) Really looking forward to your spring outfits by the way :)

  6. Thank you so much, Hoda! I've had these glasses for a while and I'm yet to get bored of them :) I'm glad to hear you like turquoise too, it's such a happy colour, isn't it? It always puts a smile on my face, however cheesy that sounds. I'm definitely wearing it with a lot of outfits nowadays. Thank you again for your lovely comment. :-)


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