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Hi friends! I've got a casual weekend outfit for you today. The main player here is this sweater, isn't it fun? It does make me feel a bit like a grandma but it also makes me smile so why not. It's actually my mum's - she got it years ago in Venice when we were on holiday in Italy. It was my first holiday ever 

and I only know of one more person in the world who has this sweater, my cousin's mum. I found it hanging in the closet a few years ago and decided to make it my own.

Since it's quite the statement piece I wouldn't say I reach for it very often. I do however throw it on for quick errands like going to the supermarket to pick up a thing or two for dinner. It functions like a really fun coat, or, last weekend, as an interesting twist to an otherwise boring outfit. Have you got clothes like that, that you only wear for certain "occasions"?

As it's been real sunny lately, I've got some nice spring outfits to share with you in the coming weeks, check back for more this Saturday!

Have a great Thursday guys.


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