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5 products, 5 steps. By katberries 5 products, 5 steps by katberries 5 products, 5 steps. By katberries

I'm really not much of a beauty girl. I mean, I do like to look nice, but picking out brands and products can feel like a bit of a chore sometimes. I don't even know how to use half the products out there! Beauty and cosmetics has never been an area I'd spent lots of money on. The only things I liked to buy were nail polish, shampoo, conditioner and miscellaneous hair stuff. Once, I even ventured out into the lipstick aisle but found that any unnatural (read: 90% of lipstick colours) shade not only highlights any skin imperfections, but also makes me look older. Like 22 going on 30 older. So yeah, I stopped venturing.

Sure, sometimes I would like to have a few fancy brushes, amazing concealers and the world's best foundations, but I just find these things pricey. Which I shouldn't really, considering my last bottle of foundation lasted me practically two years. Yup, that's right. Maybe if I had a bigger budget I wouldn't mind spending £20+ on a single beauty product, but I don't think so. Especially because I know there are a lot of high street brands that will do the job - though I'm not speaking from a position of knowledge here, I've not tried many high end products to be able to really compare.

And that's mainly why my makeup routine is very, very simple, not because I've minimised it from something much more elaborate, but because I don't go crazy for makeup. My skin is far from perfect but I'd rather brave my imperfections than cake tubes of concealer on. A lot of the days I'll just put on my BB cream and complete it with a swipe of mascara. But for days I like to make a bit of an effort + the makeup you see me wear in outfit photos usually consists of those five products in the pictures. Five products, five steps. Six, if I don't forget to powder.

1. Garnier BB cream in Light.

2. Lancome eye shadows travel palette, which was a Christmas gift from my mum. It's the fanciest makeup thing I own :) I use all those colours but usually the brown or blue as a darker shade on the outer parts of the lid and then either the white or beige for the inner lid. I've recently stopped using a kohl for the bottom waterline and just use a black eye shadow - I find it doesn't smudge and makes the look a bit softer.

3a. Now, if I'm feeling super fancy I'll draw a line with my eyeliner - this Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick & Thin one can do a fine or a thicker line, depending on how you turn it. I like mine to be about 3mm. 

3b. If I'm not feeling super fancy, I just use the black eyeshadow to draw a soft line on my eye lid (like I would with the real eyeliner). It's way faster and, again, looks softer, so I do it more often than not.

4. I apply mascara, I'm not fussed about the brand, I have the Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam now but I usually pick one that's on offer when my last one's run out. Actually, I have a small tube of dry "bad gal lashes" mascara that came as a sample with a magazine that I use as an eyebrows brush. It makes them a tad darker and a lot more organised and basically works like a charm.

5. Maybelline Colour Sensational lip gloss in Coral Blush. I love this colour because it looks very natural. It was free with some other purchase a while ago and it's a winner.

(6. Powder - not pictured - when I remember, I dab on a bit of transparent powder and call it a day. I often don't remember.)

That's it. Pretty easy, right? It takes me about five minutes if I skip the eyeliner. Eyeliner adds about 5 minutes, 'cause I got no skills baby. What's your beauty routine? Do you like to spend some time on it or are you more of a natural look woman? Would also love to hear any recommendations you might have regarding cheap and effective products!

Thanks for letting me share this out of character post :)


  1. Thanks for the tips on a simple makeup routine! The most I can manage when I'm putting in an effort is some BB cream, mascara, and maybe a neutral eye shadow. I'd love to learn how to do eyeliner (especially that swoopy cat eye look!), but some of my rudimentary attempts have been scary to say the least! :)

  2. Haha, no problem, trust me when I say I'm no makeup guru myself! I can do the simple line okay, good concentration I suppose, but I've tried the cat eye flick and it was anything but. I mean, how do you make your eye lid NOT move when you're flicking and thus avoid an uneven line?! Hell if I know. Though, I've since read certain eye shapes have this problem I have so I might blame it on genetics. But now I kind of want to go try again, perhaps for a new outfit I'll come out all flicky and fabulous :)

  3. Well you already know my beauty routine :) I've been looking into getting a very lightweight base for days when I have a little more time and want to look a little more polish. I was hearing good things about the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, so I picked up a small sample the last time I was at Sephora!

  4. I looked it up and it seems like a great natural makeup kind of base! Of course not quite available here - as far as I can see. I heard quite good things about L'Oreal's True Match foundation for a more budget option... but I always have so much trouble picking out a foundation that would be right for me, I wish I could just have all the samples and try them out!


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