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First capsule wardrobe outfit! Wow!

And you know what, before, I used to stare at my wardrobe thinking: I don't know what to wear because I have nothing to wear. Now I stare at my wardrobe thinking, I don't know what to wear first. (!) There are so many possible combinations! It's fun!

But let's talk about this outfit. I kinda love the beige lace sweater thrown over the beige top. That's the first thing I'd notice about this outfit. With the raincoat on, I'm ready for this early October weather.

There's a story behind those jeans. I didn't have much love for Gap, because I had this image stuck in my mind of baggy jeans and those short sleeve tees that say G A P across the chest. I thought that was all they did, because that's all I remember from being in a Gap store some time ago. And by some time ago, I mean 10 years ago. But this summer, when I was happily walking along Regent street in London, I passed one of their branches. I couldn't believe my eyes - they had the prettiest and I mean, the prettiest, white cotton dress collection. I tried a couple of dresses on and they were a great length and a great fit. 

Lesson learnt? To give things a second chance. Gap has gone through a big evolution since I last shopped there and I'm happy I re-discovered it again. Now back to those jeans. I hate shopping for trousers, because I have to try on 20 different pairs in 20 different shops to find the right cut + wash for me. I didn't have a go-to jeans shop. 

But after my changed mental image of Gap and seeing bloggers wear their jeans, I thought, hey, why don't I try jeans from Gap too. So on the last trip to the Trafford centre I put some on and it felt great. I love they have something else besides low-rise {I hate low-rise}. So I got these mid-rise black jeans. Perfect fit! Feels like wearing leggings. I guess that's why they're called legging jeans, duh.

I have since gotten their high rise jeans too, to replace my old h&m low-rise ones that I moaned about last week. Have you ever given a shop a second chance? {Although I don't recommend giving Urban Outfitters any more chances}. 

*Edit: Michele pointed out I didn't say where the bag was from, so it's up there now. Lloyd Baker. I can't find it or a similar one anywhere on the internet, so if you stumble upon a bag that looks alike, let me know!


  1. Looking great! And the bag! The bag! You didn't tell us who the bag is by. I really like it!

  2. Whoops! Fixed it! It's by Lloyd Baker but I actually got it in TK Maxx. They had two or three colours and I tried to find it or a similar bag online but no luck :-(

  3. Love this outfit, it's so perfect for fall! And I agree, gap jeans tend to fit me really well! Better than some designer brands even. Plus the cost is great!

  4. This is such a cute outfit! I found your blog via Un-Fancy because you mentioned that you were doing a capsule wardrobe and I wanted to check it out. :) I know what you mean about Gap! When I was growing up, I would not say it was a very cool store, but now they have trendier items that are good quality and well-priced, and also really good basics too. I bought a pair of high-rise jeans from Gap earlier this year on super sale and I just love them!

  5. Thank you, Melina! Gap is now definitely a go-to shop for jeans for me! I always wait for discounts to get them though, the full price in the UK is such a rip off in comparison with the States!

  6. Hi Nnenna and welcome! Glad you clicked through :) Unfancy is an amazing inspiration to say the least.
    Honestly, I just wish I lived in the US, Gap is lots cheaper there. I absolutely love my high-rise jeans, finally something that doesn't expose what's meant to stay covered when I sit down.


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