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This is it! My autumn 2014 capsule! What do you think? I'm pretty happy with it. There were some last minute changes which I'm discussing today.

*New here? Read about capsule wardrobe and my reasons to start it here.
*Ready to try it yourself? Read the first step here.

This is what my capsule wardrobe includes:                     As opposed to the planned:

I've used mostly clothes I already had in my closet. Because I had a small budget, I couldn't afford to buy too many or too expensive pieces, so I had to make do. I'm sure a lot of you are in a similar situation and don't have hundreds of pounds/dollars to spend on your wardrobe. And that's fine, capsule wardrobe ≠ expensive. 

I've said before my ideal budget would have been £300, and I can imagine having some fabulous pieces for that money, but hey it's not like the world's gonna fall apart if I don't.

All but one of the new pieces are from C&A - a company that is now gone from the British market but still has lots of shops in mainland Europe. They have a good selection of basic cotton tees that I like, but this season I was quite surprised by their sweaters - a big selection, good fit, and cosy feel.

The only other thing I bought are the black gap legging jeans. Super comfortable, stretchy, and a great fit. Oh and none of that low-rise thing. I'm never buying low-rise trousers again - such a struggle to wear! I have one pair of low-rise jeans and they are the dark blue h&m jeans on the fifth line. I've only included them because I love the colour and they fit me really well, but I am looking to replace them with similar ones with medium or high rise waist.

So you see my final number stayed 41, but the other numbers changed a little. I let go a pair of a pair of trousers and a jacket in favour of two dresses. When it gets cold I'll be substituting one of the dresses for a warmer jacket. I'll see which one I wear the least and store it away.

I'll also be making some shoe substitutions. One thing I really really wanted to get were cognac ankle boots, and I have yet to find the perfect pair, so when I do I'll swap it for the birks - for obvious reasons. 

I might swap the beige pair of gabor shoes for white leather converse, but that's only if I'll have some money to spare. I really like the gabor shoes but they are a little tight and a little too stubborn to stretch - so I can only wear them when too much walking isn't required. The reason I am still keeping them is because they are a great colour and made of leather, and I'm hoping if I wear them now and then they will finally give up and stretch.

Number for tops is still 15, not 9+6, like planned, but 8+7. Again, had my budget been bigger, I would have got either a dark blue chambray shirt or a beige blouse and dropped one tee-shirt. Maybe for a winter capsule?

I'm really glad I did all the planning and gone through the five steps before the shopping trip. Apart from the number changing a little because of my budget, I followed it to the dot. It made shopping that much easier - I walked in and only looked at pieces I needed. No distractions, no overspending. 

I've learnt a lot of things about my style and my wardrobe in the process. I found my uniforms, defined my style and developed a colour palette, but mostly I tried to stay true to myself. I can't wait to share some outfits with you guys soon!

Here are links to each of the five steps if you need a recap :-)


Are you doing capsule wardrobe too? Are you considering it? Any questions? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Loving your wardrobe selections - that kimono! I've been reading through your tips on how to put together a capsule and they're super helpful. Looking forward to seeing how it works out for you! Also - keep us posted on the cognac ankle boots. I'm on the hunt too! Xx. Lauren

  2. Thank you Lauren, that's so lovely to hear! I've not been this excited about getting dressed in a long time - maybe I've found my new lifestyle :-)
    Oh the cognac ankle boots..I'll probably have to wait till mid-fall sales to get them - looking for good quality, leather AND good price, great price, actually - a killer combination. xo

  3. I was inspired and decided I would also blog about my capsule wardrobe. If interested, you can see it on my blog here: My two most recent posts are discussing the idea and the application. I would like to do another post that gives links to others for inspiration. Do you mind if I include you?

  4. I read your first post a couple of days ago and have been awaiting the second one, so I'm gonna go and read that now! Of course I don't mind if you include me, quite the opposite! :-)


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